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Every year, Parks and Recreation is involved in the planning, design and construction of many different types of projects in our parks and facilities.  We’ve partnered with other federal, state and local agencies as well as private neighborhood and community groups on projects such as

  • Park master plans
  • Park and median landscaping
  • Park and recreation facility construction and renovation
  • Storm water quality improvements

2016 Projects

  • Centennial Mall Renovation
      Built in 1967 to commemorate the state's 100th anniversary Nebraska's Centennial Mall extends north from the State Capitol seven blocks to the University of Nebraska Lincoln’s downtown campus. In the last 40 years, the infrastructure and landscape plantings along the Mall have aged and deteriorated beyond the point of practical repair. The City of Lincoln is leading an effort to renovation the Mall with essential improvements that address safety and accessibility issues and include new landscaping and green spaces. Renovation of the Mall will celebrate Nebraska's legacy of stewardship and will include three fountains, new walkways and landscaping and a pathway of legacy tiles featuring Nebraska names and stories. Construction efforts are now in the final stages with completion scheduled for Summer 2016.
  • Dog Use Facilities Master Plan
      An emerging trend in Lincoln and across the United States is the desire by park users to recreate with their dogs in parks in unprecedented numbers. LPR is developing a master plan for dog use facilities to assess our existing two dog runs, research best practices, establish level of service standards and develop prototypical design standards and guidelines for both existing and new facilities. The goal of this planning process is to develop reasonable and effective solutions. The plan will be presented to the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board in November and was made available for public review prior to preparation of a final report in the first quarter of 2016.
  • N. 27th Street Median Renovation
      Landscape renovations for the center medians of N. 27th street update the streetscape with plantings more reflective of the Nebraska native landscape aesthetic and better suited to the extreme conditions of heat, cold and four lanes of traffic. Irrigation spray heads have been replaced with drip lines for a more economical and ecologically beneficial way to water. Renovation work was initiated in the spring of 2016 and despite challenging weather through much of the 2016 construction season, should be complete in November 2016.
  • Woods Tennis Center Renovation
      The two current air structures or “bubbles” at the Woods Tennis Center cover six indoor courts. The bubbles were not energy efficient and exceeded their anticipated useful life. A new permanent indoor facility allows for continued community tennis programming for youth and adults. The completed permanent structure holds six new indoor courts including an . The Friends of Woods Tennis in cooperation with the Lincoln Parks Foundation led the fundraising effort to support the renovation project which completed in 2017. For more information about the programming, visit the Woods Tennis Center website.
  • Prairie Corridor on Haines Branch
      The Prairie Corridor is being implemented by a public-private partnership that includes the Nebraska Environmental Trust, the Lincoln Parks Foundation, the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District, Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center, and may others. The majority of funds for the project are from grants and private donations. For more information about the project and a full list of partners, visit the website at
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