Help & FAQ's

This is not an emergency response system. If you have an emergency please call 911.

Important Information

The InterLinc Action Center uses pop up windows to provide information about city ordinances, layman's terms, who to contact, the process, or maps. If you are using a pop up blocker you will have to allow pop up windows for this site to be able to access this information.

Submitting new service request

There are three different ways to find the topic you would like to report.

  1. Drop down ordered list of topics
    Click on the list of topics, select the topic you wish to report on and click the "View" button that is next to the list.
  2. Drop down ordered list of departments
    Click on the list of departments, select the appropriate department and click the "View" button that is next to the list. This will bring up a list of topics that relate to the selected department. Click on the "Action Form" link next to the topic you wish to report on.
  3. Word search
    Type in the word you would like to search for in the text box and click the "View" button that is next to the text box. This will bring up a list of topics that have the word in the topic title. Click on the "Action Form" link next to the topic you wish to report on.

After selecting the topic you will be presented with a screen that has informational links on the top left side of the screen and an area to submit your information to the city. Please review the informational links!! They can save you time in your submission and keep you informed on how the city will handle your request.

Once you have reviewed the informational links you can provide the city with information about your request for service. Please remember to include the location(s) of the problem or situation you are reporting. Depending on the topic you have choosen, you can either submit the request anonymously or with follow up. If you would like follow up you will need to sign up for a MyInterLinc account if you have not already done so at this time. To sign in or register click the "Login" link that is part way down the page on the left side and follow the on screen instructions.

When you have finished entering in your information, you can click one of the submittal buttons (see above about submitting with follow up). You will be given a tracking number and an access key that can be used to review the status of the request.

Reviewing previous service request

There are two different ways to find your submitted service request(s).

  1. A list of all your requests that have been submitted with follow up can be viewed after signing into MyInterLinc. From the search page click the "View All Actions" button that appears once you are logged in. A list of service requests is displayed in date order.
  2. If you want to just review a single service request you will need to have it's Tracking Number and Access Key. Once you submit that information on the search screen you will be taken to a brief description screen.

You can view anything that is not in "Legal Hold" status by clicking the "View" button next to the request. Clicking the button will display the information you submitted, each department that is involved with it, and the status of each department. A "View Document(s)" button will appear if there are any electronic documents that were attached by the department. Clicking the "View Document(s)" button will display a list of the linked documents that can be viewed. To view a document you must click the "View" button which will prompt you to open or save the document. Opening it will launch the document in your default viewer.