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Citizen Participation

The Budget Process

The Citys budget process begins when departments develop their budget in January and February. In early March, departmental budget requests are submitted to the Mayor. The Mayor meets with each department before developing "The Mayors Recommended Budget", which is submitted to the City Council in early June. The Council meets with each department and the Mayor prior to developing their budget. In early August the Council holds a public hearing on this budget. In mid-to-late August a final budget is approved by the Council. Citizens are encouraged to contact the Mayor or the departments with ideas or comments which might impact the City budget.

Government Committees

Many advisory and administrative committees have volunteer members who participate in City and County government. If you want to volunteer to serve on a City government committee, contact the Mayors office for a volunteer application or fill out an application on line.

Contact the County Commissioner's Office if you want to serve on a County committee.

Citizen Volunteers

Budget constraints imposed by State and City tax lid laws have resulted in hard choices about the provision of services. Many departments have developed volunteer programs to enable valuable services to continue. Citizens are invited to volunteer for specific tasks through individual departments. To volunteer, call the department or agency in which you are interested.

Neighborhood Associations

There are many active neighborhood associations in Lincoln. These groups have a variety of activities designed to preserve and enhance the quality of our neighborhoods. For information on the association in your area, call the Urban Development Department, 441-7606 or visit the neighborhood contact web page.


The best way for citizens to participate in City and County government is to register to vote and to become knowledgeable about issues and candidates.

Elections involve a primary nominating election and then a general election. Elections for elected county officials are held in conjunction with the state-wide primary and general elections. The statewide primary is held the second Tuesday in May and the statewide general election is held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in each even numbered year. The city general election is held the first Tuesday in May of each odd numbered year with the primary election held the fourth Tuesday prior to the city general election. Voting polls are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. For voting information, call the Election Commission, 441-7311.

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