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County Offices

Elected Administrators

County Assessor

The County Assessor, elected to a four-year term, supervises and directs the assessment of all property in Lancaster County. Duties include: establishing, maintaining and equalizing values on real and personal property; reviewing applications for tax exemptions (motor vehicles, real and personal property); computing motor vehicle taxes; and preparing abstracts of value and certification of taxes levied.

Real property subject to taxation must be assessed January 1. Tax returns for personal property must be filed on or before May 1.

County Attorney

Elected to a four-year term, the County Attorney serves as legal counsel to Lancaster County and its elected officials. The office investigates, verifies and files charges against persons accused of felonies or misdemeanors. The office also prosecutes these violations. The County Attorney is the coroner and investigates cases where individuals die without the presence of a physician or where death appears to result from violence. The office assists in collection of child support, inheritance and other taxes. Other duties include filing petitions with Juvenile Court and disposing of cases concerning children who are delinquent, neglected, dependent or in need of special supervision.

County Commissioners

Lancaster County Commissioners are elected to four-year terms. There are five Commissioners, and each represents a district in Lancaster County. The board has legislative and administrative duties. Among its primary responsibilities are: the management of county funds; care for county property; adoption of the county budget; setting of tax levies, salaries of elected and appointed county officials; and administration of several programs established by state law. County Commissioners meet in the County-City Building each Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. Meetings are broadcast live on the Government Access Cable Channel with replays at 6:30 p.m. The board also serves as the County Board of Equalization and County Board of Corrections. County Board Staff Meetings are held each Thursday at 8:15 a.m.

County Clerk

The County Clerk is elected to a four-year term. The Clerk's Office maintains official records for the county and official documents such as military discharges and bonds. Other functions include certification of public documents, issuance of marriage licenses and preparation of county payroll. The County's Corporate Seal is kept in this office. The County Clerk attends and records proceedings of County Board meetings and maintains records on the decisions made by the Board. The office also publishes legal notices and records actions of the County Board of Equalization.

County Engineer

The County Engineer, elected to a four-year term, must be a registered professional engineer. The office designs, constructs, inspects, maintains and repairs county roads, streets and bridges. Streets in unincorporated villages are part of the county road system. The office prepares a one- and six-year road and bridge improvement program and budget. The County Surveyor, who is appointed, makes and records land surveys, reviews land subdivision requests and land access approvals. Other duties include: preparing plat maps and drawings; filing land surveys performed by private land surveyors.

Public Defender

The Public Defender is elected to a four-year term. The office is appointed by the court to represent clients in felony and misdemeanor cases. The office also defends clients in revocation of probation proceedings and post conviction actions, juvenile matters, mental health commitments, child support enforcement actions and appeals to District Court and Nebraska Supreme Court.

Register of Deeds

Elected to a four-year term, the Register of Deeds maintains Lancaster County records on deeds, mortgages, instruments and writings authorized by law. The office has county and city plat maps to aid in determining legal descriptions of property. Collected fees are turned over to the county treasurer and credited to the county general fund.


The County Sheriff, elected to a four-year term, is responsible for maintaining peace and enforcing the law in rural areas of the county and in towns and villages not having municipal police departments. The office investigates criminal offenses and traffic accidents, enforces traffic laws, and serves as a representative of the County Coroner in death investigations. Other duties include: collecting delinquent property taxes; execution of complex court orders; and serving summonses, subpoenas and warrants. The office handles extradition of prisoners from other states, transports county jail prisoners and provides security services to County and District courts.

The Sheriff's office works closely with other law enforcement agencies.

County Treasurer

The County Treasurer, elected to a four-year term of office, receives all money collected by the county. The Treasurer receives and distributes all taxes for the county, school districts and other special districts. The office records daily receipts and maintains financial records which are audited by the State Auditor. Other duties include: issuing licenses for motor vehicles, mobile homes, trailers and trucks; paying refunds for license transfers and cancellations; supervising a drivers licensing station on Sun Valley Blvd. and a mini drivers license station 46th & R; collecting personal, sales and wheel taxes; and investing county monies.

Appointed Administrators

Budget & Fiscal

The County's Fiscal Officer provides County Commissioners and county agencies with budget and fiscal support and coordinates the operation and maintenance of County Comprehensive Financial System.

Community Mental Health Center

The Community Mental Health Center is a comprehensive mental health center which provides outpatient therapy and emergency mental health services. The center also offers services to mentally ill adults.

Cooperative Extension Service

Authorized by Nebraska statutes for the purpose of imparting research-based information to urban and rural audiences, this county program is carried out in cooperation with the University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension in Lancaster offers research-based information on topics affecting residents of Lancaster County and the surrounding area. Educational resources and programs support community development, family issues, parenting, gardening, health, nutrition, food safety, agriculture and acreages, pests and wildlife, youth, environment and more. An extensive web site at provides instant access to Cooperative Extension resources.

Volunteer opportunities are available through a variety of Cooperative Extension programs including 4-H clubs, Master Gardener/Master Recycler programs, and Family and Community Education Clubs. Youth, ages five - eighteen, are invited to join the 4-H program.

County Corrections

The County Department of Corrections is responsible for the detention of individuals charged with various local and state offenses. Persons arrested and lodged or detained following a court appearance are processed through the Corrections Department.

If a person does not meet release conditions, they are lodged at one of two facilities in the community. The Adult Detention Facility, 605 So. 10th St., holds all pre-trial misdemeanor and felony inmates until their case is resolved. The Lancaster Correctional Facility (LCF), 4420 N.W. 41st St., houses those ultimately sentenced by the courts as well as individuals involved in court-ordered work and school release.

Medical and mental health services are provided to all incarcerated persons, as well as a wide array of educational, self-help, and religious programs conducted by volunteers. There are work programs, both within the facilities and in the community, for unskilled and semi-skilled tasks. The City contracts with Lancaster County for holding their prisoners.

County/City Property Management

This department is responsible for the maintenance, custodial functions, grounds keeping and mail room functions of properties and buildings owned by the County, the City, and the Public Building Commission. The Public Building Commission, a political subdivision established by State Statue, is composed of two County Board members, two City Council members and one non-governmental member elected by the four governmental officials. The Commission is responsible for space allocation and planning, parking lot management, renovation projects, and all operational and maintenance efforts of any building, structure or facility used jointly by the County and City for a public purpose.

Emergency Management

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Department of Emergency Management is responsible for facilitating the continuation of normal government in time of disaster or major emergency, whether manmade or natural. It coordinates county, city, private sector and volunteer services.

The agency fosters the development and testing of plans for warning, rescue, emergency shelter and welfare, communications, transportation, operations and resource utilization. It also carries out extensive training and public education programs. Activities and operations are coordinated with state and federal programs.

Human Services

The City and County jointly employ an administrator to coordinate human services delivered to the citizens of Lancaster County. This position staffs citizen committees and government task forces at City-County requests, coordinates agencies to respond to growing community needs and provides data and public awareness on human service concerns.

The administrator supervises government human service contracts, coordinates the Justice Council advises elected officials and serves as liaison to United Way, local foundations and the Human Services Federation.

Juvenile Detention Center

The Juvenile Detention Center is a secure community-based co-ed correctional facility for youth under 18 years of age. Youth accused or found guilty of committing law violations are provided programs relating to temporary detention, sentencing, and/or long term treatment programs. Staff, volunteers and student interns provide a variety of quality programs and services.

Lancaster Manor

Lancaster Manor is a 300-bed, licensed nursing facility which provides 24-hour, long-term health care services. The Manor provides many other services including physical, speech, occupational and respiratory therapy; pharmacy services; podiatry; dentistry; recreation and transportation.

Lancaster County Records & Information Management

Records & Information Management is a county agency providing records analysis, records storage, and image services to county and city departments. The records center capacity is 25,000 cubic feet of paper records. We capture around 1.5 million images per year in our microfilming and scanning operations. Records & Information Management stresses applying sound records management practices to government records.

Veterans' Service Center

The Center provides casework services and processes rights or benefits for which veterans and/or their dependents may be eligible, such as applications for pension, education, insurance, or relief. The center administers the County Veterans Aid Fund, which is financed by a county tax levy to provide basic essentials to assist veterans, their widows or dependents. The office is a County and Veteran's Admnistration joint venture.

Noxious Weed Control Authority

The Noxious Weed Control Authority in Lancaster County is the Board of County Commissioners. It is the responsibility of the appointed superintendent to establish and carry out a coordinated program for control of noxious weeds within the county. This office also administers the Weed Abatement Program for the City of Lincoln.

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