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Where Do I Go?

I received a parking ticket. Where do I go to pay it?

Your best bet would be to mail the ticket, along with your payment, to the Violations Bureau. Those who like the convenience of a drive-thru can use the payment drop-off box in the parking lot behind the new Justice and Law Enforcement Center. If neither of these options appeal to you, the Violations Bureau is located on the first floor of the County/City Building 555 S. 10th Steet Rm 103, in the northeast corner.

I was chosen for jury duty. Where do I go and where should I park?

The paperwork you received informing you of your impending court duty should tell you which building to report to. You'll find parking in several locations. Those serving on Jury Duty receive free parking at the City-owned garages downtown.

I'm putting a new fireplace in my house. Where do I go to get a building permit?

Building permits are available at the Department of Building and Safety, located in the Northeast area of the 2nd floor In the County/Clty Building.

When I need to pay a court fine or child support, where will I go?

The Justice and Law Enforcement Center at 575 South 10th Street whas a service desk available on the third floor where court business, including fines and child support, can be taken care of. The Clerk of the Distric Court takes care of these.

Where do I go to pay my water bill?

The billing center for the Water Department islocated on the 2nd floor of the County/City Building Rm 203. ed in this publication.

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