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New Technology

The Fast Track to 21st Century Technology

The 21st century is fast approaching, and technology is changing and advancing as fast as the coming years.

Lincoln and Lancaster County government have worked together to provide facilities which offer improved technology while remaining mindful of finances.

The new County/City government building is on the forefront of technology, with many new advancements and additions. The City Council/County Commissioners' Chamber has seen numerous improvements, as well as the addition of a news media room and television media center.

Council/Comissioners Chamber

The Chamber is just one example of the advancement in technology for the new government building. Many changes and upgrades have been made to benefit both elected officials and the general public.

  • Added lighting in and around the council dais provides exceptional background lighting without glare for elected officials and government television coverage.

    News Media Room

    Located just behind the back wall of the Chamber is the news media room. This area is dedicated to providing area news media with space to gather information during public meetings and hearings.

    A monitor located in the room receives the same video and computer signals as those in the Chamber. Numerous additional electrical outlets and phone lines are available for communication and computer use. In addition, broadcast media are able to take audio and video feeds

    CIC Television Media Center

    An exciting new addition to the public television capability is the Citizen Information Center TV Media Center. This area will allow CIC to manage all live broadcasts from the Chamber and many of the large public meetings on the first floor.

    Representing an advanced television control room, the broadcasting of Planning Commission, County Board, and City Council meetings feature an improved quality picture originating from three remote controlled cameras in the Chamber. These new advanced cameras are much less intrusive than previous cameras in the Chamber.

    The CIC TV Media Center also includes an on site studio for televised City and County government productions, discussions and interviews.

    Public Meeting Rooms

    Public meeting rooms are a welcome addition to the new government building. A large meeting room which is wheelchair accessible adjoins the CIC TV Media Center A soundproof movable wall separates the two and when removed provide extra meeting space for large groups. This area supplies an on site facility for citizen advisory committees, overflow for meetings in the Chamber and other public meetings. It also provides extra studio space for CIC television productions.

    Dollars & Sense

    Fiscal sensibility was an important factor which was carefully considered in the overall planning of the building project. The sound / audio system and visual presentation equipment in the new chamber was included as part of the budget for these building projects.

    Efficiency & Access

    The changes in our community are reflected in our public buildings. Citizens want government to operate more efficiently and they want access to information and services. The governments of Lincoln and Lancaster County are working together to provide facilities which offer improved technology to facilitate public interaction while remaining mindful of finances and fiscal responsibilities

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