Long Range Planning

Updated Information as of July 9,2014

reFORM: Zoning reFORMs for a New Chapter of City Building

An exciting wave of new development in Lincoln's core area, overcoming the lingering uncertainties of the global economic recession, has energized the entire community, creating a new layer of activity, of interesting places, and new options for living, working, shopping and recreating.

This wave of new development is fulfilling the promise for the core area that has been laid out for many years in the City's Comprehensive Plan. But the latest edition of that plan also contains a new promise - that this energy, which takes the form of taller, denser, mixed-use development, can ripple out from the core area to revitalize and enhance other parts of the City.

The reFORM proposal lays out a set of objectives and strategies for reFORMing the City's zoning code. It includes proposals to encourage this next potential layer of City development while remaining sensitive to the needs of existing neighborhoods for stability and protection.

Below are three updated documents that provide summarized visual and detailed information on the reFORM package of proposals. Please review this information, provide your comments through the comment board below or by contacting the Planning staff.

Executive Summary

Index of Proposed Changes

Legislative Changes

Commercial Design Standards Handbook