Drainage System Maintenance

Dumping in the streams, ponds, and the drainage system in Lincoln is strictly prohibited according to Section 24.38.060 of the Lincoln Municipal Code. Trash, leaves, dirt, and any liquid other than water are included under this section and should under no circumstances be dumped in sewers, streams or lakes. Improper dumping can be harmful because all of the storm water drains and streams eventually run together into streams and lakes such as Holmes Lake. Any pollutants or other items dumped into the systems will contaminate the system and may plug up the storm sewer systems which could result in flooding. This effect can be seen at Holmes Lake by looking at the water quality and amount of sediment that has collected in the lake. On some of the inlets to the storms drains you will find an anti-dumping logo glued or stamped into the concrete. These are to serve as a reminder to protect our natural resources and to protect yourself from flooding due to drain blockage. If you have questions call the Health Department or the Public Works and Utilities Department.