Flood Warning System

The most likely times when floods will occur are in the rainy months from April to August. Residents should tune their radios and TVs to local stations for weather advisories. The following stations will broadcast local weather warnings:

KFOR 1240 AM
KFRX 106.3 FM
KRKR 95.1 FM
KLMS 1480 AM

KLKN Channel 8
KOLN 10/11

The Lincoln, Lancaster County Department of Emergency Management stays in direct contact with the National Weather Service. In case of a flood threat they have a network of warning gages and 39 spotters monitoring current local conditions. If a flood threat is detected they will interrupt local cable to deliver the warning message. In case of an evacuation warning, local police and fire personnel will help facilitate the process. Even with the warning system it is still good to know your evacuation route, and remember that if you feel unsafe at any time you should evacuate and go to higher ground.