Council Seal
City of Lincoln
City Council

              MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2000 AT 6:30 P.M.

              ALL MEMBERS PRESENT.

 1)            App. of Lee's, Inc. dba Lee's Restaurant for a Retail
               Class C Liquor License at 1940 W. Van Dorn.
               (ADOPTED FOR APPROVAL, 7-0; A-80085.)

 2)            Man. App. of Janice L. Wilcoxen for Lee's, Inc. dba
               Lee's Restaurant at 1940 W. Van Dorn.
               (ADOPTED FOR APPROVAL, 7-0; A-80086.)

 3)            Man. App. of Homer Riley for Point After, Inc. dba
               Point After at 1011 W. Dawes Ave. 
               (ADOPTED FOR APPROVAL, 7-0; A-80087.)

     (ITEMS 4 & 5 HAD 1ST READING.)

 4)  00-62     Change of Zone 3240 - App. of Virgil Eihusen for a
               change from R-3 Residential to H-3 Hwy. Commercial on
               property generally located at Interstate 80 west of
               Whitehead Dr. (RULES SUSPENDED TO HAVE 3RD
               PASSED, 7-0; #17641.)

 5)  00-63     Repealing Sec. 9.20.090 of the LMC relating to
               disturbing the peace by focused picketing at religious


 6)  00R-77    Ordering Paving Dist. 2616 constructed in 72nd St.
               from Havelock Ave. to Morrill Ave. 
               (ADOPTED, 6-1; JOHNSON DISSENTING; A-80088.)

 7)  00R-87    Appointing Charles Van Rossum to the Cable Advisory
               Board to fill an unexpired term expiring July 1, 2000.
               (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80089.)

 8)  00R-88    Waiving the design standards requirement for the
               improvement of Cornhusker Hwy. to Urban Standards &
               the sidewalks along the southeastern side of
               Cornhusker Hwy. abutting the proposed Admin. Final
               Plat of Sapp Brothers 2nd Add., on property generally
               located on the southeastern side of Cornhusker Hwy. at
               Russell Dr., approx. the 6000 block of Cornhusker Hwy.
               (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80090.)

 9)  00R-89    Accepting & approving the Pre. Plat of High Pointe
               North Commercial Center 1st Add. on property generally
               located at N. 27th St. & Wildcat Dr. for 14 commercial
               lots & 1 outlot. (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80091.)

10)  00R-90    Comp. Plan Amendment 94-40 - Amending the land use,
               phasing, utility, & road network portions of the 1994
               Lincoln-Lancaster County Comp. Plan to reflect changes
               in land use & improvements on property in the general
               vicinity of N. 1st St. to N. 56th St., north of
               Interstate 80 & Hwy. 34 to Arbor Rd. (1ST
               AMENDMENT, 7-0; 2ND AMENDMENT, 5-2; JOHNSON &
               SHOECRAFT DISSENTING; ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80092.)

11)  00R-91    Comp. Plan Amendment 94-48 - Amending the Lincoln Land
               Use Plan of the 1994 Lincoln-Lancaster County Comp.
               Plan to change the designation from Commercial to Low
               Density Residential on property generally located east
               of 70th St., between Hwy. 2 & Pine Lake Rd.
               (LOST, 0-7; #38-4330.)

12)  00R-92    Accepting the report of new & pending claims against
               the City & approving disposition of claims set forth
               therein for the period of March 1 thru 15, 2000.
               (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80093.) 

13)  00R-93    Amending Article I, Section 3(A) of the 
	       Lincoln-Lancaster County Air Pollution Control Program
               Regulations & Standards related to hearings on air
               pollution violations. 
               (ADOPTED, 6-0; JOHNSON ABSENT; A-80094.)

14)  00R-94    Reappointing Dennis Biggerstaff to the Heating,
               Ventilating & Cooling Examiners Board for a 3-yr. term
               to expire April 4, 2003. 
               (ADOPTED, 6-0; JOHNSON ABSENT; A-80095.)


15)            The following Applications were referred to 
               the Planning Dept.:

               Special Permit 1573A - App. of Emerald Care Co. to
               operate a domiciliary care facility for elderly
               residents at 1740 Superior St.

               Special Permit 1781A - App. of Lincoln Federal Savings
               Bank to reduce the rear yard setback on property at
               24th & Dodge St.

               Special Permit 1834 - App. of Glen & Margaret Manske
               to operate a garden center in the AG Zoning Dist. on
               property at 12700 Holdrege St.

               Special Permit 1835 - App. of Glen & Margaret Manske
               to develop a C.U.P. in the AG Zoning Dist. on property
               at N. 125th & Holdrege Sts.

16)            Informal Request from Donald Broman, 3025 N. 63rd, for
               the creation of a paving district in 63rd St. from
               Fremont St. to Pershing School on the south.


               Setting hearing date of Mon., April 10, 2000 at 1:30
               p.m. on the App. of 210 N. 7th St. LLC dba DiNapoli
               Ristorante & Vinera for a Retail Class I Liquor
               License at 201 N. 7th St. 
               (ADOPTED, 6-0; JOHNSON ABSENT; A-80096.)

               Petition to Vacate Public Way the west 20' of 18 St.
               between "Q" & "R" Sts. submitted by the UNL Board of
               Regents. (REFERRED TO LAW DEPT.)

               Reports from City Treasurer of Telecomms. Occ. Tax due
               for the month of Feb., 2000 from: RSL Com USA,
               Glyphics Comms., Worldtel Services, Stormtel, GTC
               Telecom, LDM Systems, NOS Comms., NOSVA Ltd.
               Partnership, Nextlink Long Distance, UniDial Comms.,
               Comdata Tele-comms., Tri-M Comms., Telligent Services,
               D & D Comms., Incomnet Comms., Inacom Comms., Global
               Telephone Corp., Sprint Spectrum, Long Distance of
               Michigan, Equality Inc., Affinity Network, Network
               Billing Systems, I-Link Comms. fka Family Telecomms.,
               Topp Telecomm, Nextel West Corp., ATS Mobile
               Telephone, Telco Development Group, Business Telecom,
               Sprint Comm. Co. Ltd., Network Internat'l, Globalcom
               Inc., & GST Net, Inc. 
               (PLACED ON FILE)

               Report from City Treasurer of Telecomms. Occ. Tax due
               for the period of Feb. 1997 thru Jan., 2000 from Topp
               Telecomm.. (PLACED ON FILE)


18)            Clerk's Letter & Mayor's Approval of Ordinances &
               Resolutions passed on March 13,  2000.
               (PLACED ON FILE)

19)            Investment of Funds. 
               (ADOPTED, 6-0; JOHNSON ABSENT; A-80097.)

20)            Approving the distribution of funds representing
               interest earnings on short-term investments of Idle
               Funds during the month ended Feb. 29, 2000.   
               (ADOPTED, 6-0; JOHNSON ABSENT; A-80098.)



21)  00-59     Accepting & approving a Lease Agrmt. between the City
               & B & J Partner-ship, Ltd. for space at 2606 Park
               Blvd. for a 5 yr. term expiring Jan. 31, 2005 for use
               by the Lincoln Fire Dept. for the FEMA Urban Search &
               Rescue Task Force Program. 
               (PASSED, 6-0; JOHNSON ABSENT; #17642.)

22)  00-60     Approving a Redevelopment Agrmt. between the City,
               Village Develop-ment, & DOT, Inc. for the development
               of the 27th & Vine St. area.  
               (PASSED, 7-0; #17643.)

23)  00-61     Vacating a portion of  the southern 5' 6" of "Q" St.
               between 11th & 12th St. adjacent to the previously
               vacated area in Lot 1, Que Place Add. 
               (PASSED, 7-0; #17644.)


24)  95-128    Change of Zone 2912 - App. of Don Fauth for a change
               from AG to AGR on property generally located ½
               mi. west of Coddington at SW 27th St. & Old Cheney Rd.
               (10/14/96 - Placed on Pending)

25)  97-6      Vacating that portion of 11th St. lying between the
               north R-O-W line of Y St. & the northwesterly line of
               Burlington Northern R.R. R-O-W in the NE¼ of Sec.
               23, T10N, R6E.  (2/3/97 - Placed on Pending until
               receipt of money)

26)  98-52     Declaring city-owned property legally described as the
               remaining portion of Lots 226-229, Ridgeview Add.,
               except the north 10' of said lots, generally located
               at N. 5th & Adams St., as surplus & authorizing the
               sale thereof.  (4/6/98 - Placed on Pending)

27)  97-122    Amending Sec. 5.04.060 of the LMC to prohibit issuance
               of special desig-nated  licenses for sale of liquor to
               the general public in the downtown area on home
               football game days.  (8/25/97 - Amended; Placed on

28)  97-66     Change of Zone 3023 - App. of the Planning Director
               for a change from B-2 Planned Neighborhood Business to
               R-5 Residential on property generally located at 7401
               Pioneers Blvd. (11/1/99 - Placed on Pending) 

29)  99R-289   Comp. Plan Amendment 94-38 - App. of the Planning
               Director to incor-porate the Beal Slough Basin
               Stormwater Master Plan by reference as an approved
               component of the Comp. Plan. (12/6/99 - Placed on
               Pending until Spring of 2000 for cont'd Public

30)  97-142    Change of Zone 3076 - App. of Dustrol,  Inc. for a
               change from AG Agricultural to H-4 General Commercial
               on property generally located on the south side of
               Arbor Rd., west of N. 56th St. (9/22/97 - Placed on

31)  98-153    Change of Zone 3141 - App. of Randy Rohlmeier for a
               change from R-2 Residential to I-1 Industrial, on
               property generally located at the southwest corner of
               N. 33rd St. & Leighton Ave.  (9/21/98 - Placed on

32)  98R-370   Approving an exception to the Guidelines & Regulations
               for Driveway Design & Location requirements of vehicle
               stacking for Lincoln Federal Savings at 70th & "O"
               Sts.  (11/23/98 - Placed on Pending for 30 days)

33)  99R-134   Approving a recommendation that the Mayor amend 
               Administrative Regulation #9 to allow for the
               creation & implementation of a take-home vehicle
               program for police officers in targeted revitalization
               strategy areas.  (5/10/99 - Placed on Pending)

34)  99-58     Change of Zone 3167 - App. of College View 7th Day
               Adventist Church for a change from R-4 & R-6
               Residential to B-3 Commercial on property gener-ally
               located at S. 49th St. & Lowell Ave.  (6/1/99 - Placed
               on Pending) 
               (REMOVED FROM PENDING & WITHDRAWN, 7-0; #38-4331.)

35)  99-93     Amending the corporate limits of the City by annexing
               approx. 45 acres of property generally located at S.
               14th St. & Mockingbird Lane North.  (8/23/99 - Placed
               on Pending for 6 months)

36)  98-104    Vacating the alley north of W. C St. & west of SW 1st
               St.  (9/7/99 - 2nd Sub. Ord. Accepted.  Placed on

37)  00R-4     Amending the City's resolution on local government
               miscellaneous expend-itures to clarify language; to
               provide for travel approval by department directors &
               instituting a requirement for directors to submit a
               semi-annual report regarding travel authorizations; to
               provide that teams are eligible for the Mayor's Award
               of Excellence; & to eliminate references to the City's
               wellness program.  (1/18/00 - Placed on Pending)

38)  00-35     Amending Sec. 9.16.230 of the LMC to define "nudity",
               to make it unlaw-ful for a person to appear in any
               public place in a state of nudity, & providing
               exceptions thereto.  (2/22/00 - Placed on Pending
               until a Supreme Court Case Decision)

39)  00R-64    Special Permit 1423C - App. of Dru, Guy, & David
               Lammle to amend the Himark Estates C.u.P. to add land,
               increase the assigned number of dwell-ing units from
               240 to 300 multi-family dwelling units, & to approve
               the site plan for the multiple family area, on
               property generally located at the north-east corner of
               S. 84th St. & Old Cheney Rd. (3/13/00 - To remain on

40)  00-31     Amending Chapter 5.38 of the LMC to include
               condominiums for the purpose of ensuring compliance
               with the minimum housing standards.  (3/6/00 - Placed
               on Pending)


41)  00R-95    Approving a Golf License Agrmt. between the City &
               Cory Fletcher for professional services at Mahoney
               Golf Course.

42)  00R-96    Approving the First Amendment to Skywalk Permit &
               Operating Agrmt. between the City & Energy Square
               Condo Assoc. with regards to the repairs bidding
               process, invoicing, carpet cleaning, & utility

43)  00R-97    Appointing Lloyd Johnson to the Veterans Memorial
               Garden Advisory Committee to fill an unexpired term
               expiring Oct. 2, 2001.

44)  00R-98    Approving a transfer of appropriations in the amount
               of $100,000.00 from General Fund, Department City
               Unassigned, Contingency Division (Acct. No.
               18001.9235) O & M transfers to General Fund,
               Department City Unassigned, General Expense Division
               (Acct. No. 18002.5642) Legal Services for the purpose
               of approving the settlement in Olmer v. City.


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