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       ACTION from the regular City Council Meeting Held
                Monday, April 10, 2000 at 1:30 p.m.

                 ALL MEMBERS PRESENT.

PUBLIC HEARING                               

 1)            App. of 210 N. 7th St. LLC dba DiNapoli Ristorante & 
               Vineria for a Retail Class I Liquor License at 201 N. 7th
               St.  (ADOPTED FOR APPROVAL, 7-0; A-80106.)

 2)            Man. App. of Timothy Paul Burke for 201 N. 7th St., L.LC.
               dba DiNapoli Ristorante & Vineria at 201 N. 7th St. 
               (ADOPTED FOR APPROVAL, 7-0; A-80107.)


 3)  00-64    Renaming Lakeview Dr. as "Phares Dr." in the Edenton North
	      5th Add. generally located south of Pioneers Blvd. between
	      S. 70th & S. 84th St.

 4)  00-65    Change of Zone 3196 - App. of the Interim Planning Director
	      for a change from B-1 Local Business & R-3 Residential to
	      B-2 Planned Neighborhood Business & from R-3 Residential to
	      AGR Agricultural Residential, on property generally located
	      at S. Coddington Ave. & W. Van Dorn St.  (In connection
	      w/00-66, 00-67, 00-68)

 5)  00-66    Change of Zone 3210 - App. of the Interim Planning Director
	      for a change from R-3 Residential to AGR Agricultural 
	      Residential on property generally located at the southwest 
	      corner of S. Coddington Ave. & W. Van Dorn St.; from R-3 
	      Residential to AG Agricultural on property generally located
	      south of W. Van Dorn St., east of Coddington Ave., & west of
	      the BNRR right-of-way; & from R-3 Residential to P Public
	      Use on property generally located southeasterly of the BNRR
	      right-of-way south of W. Van Dorn, north of W. Calvert, &
	      east of S.W. 15th St. extended north of W. Calvert St.
	      (In connection w/00-65, 00-67, 00-68)

 6)  00-67    Change of Zone 3247 - App. of the Interim Planning Director
	      for a change from AGR Agricultural Residential & R-3 Resi-
	      dential to B-2 Planned Neighborhood Business, on property
	      generally located on the southwest corner of S. Coddington
	      Ave. & W. Van Dorn St.  (In connection w/00-65, 00-66, 00-68)

 7)  00-68    Change of Zone 3209 - App. of the Assistant Planning
	      Director for a change from I-1 Industrial to R-3 Residential
	      & from I-1 Industrial, B-1 Local Business, & H-4 General
	      Commercial to P Public Use, on property generally located
	      at Highway 77 & W. Van Dorn St.  (In connection w/00-65,
              00-66, 00-67)

 8)  00-69    Change of Zone 3242 - App. of Jacqueline Berniklau to
	      amend Secs. 27.07.020 & 27.07.080 of the Lincoln Municipal
	      Code (LMC) to allow private schools with curricula
	      equivalent to public schools, as a permitted use in the AG
	      Agricultural Dist.

 9)  00-70    Change of Zone 3243 - App. of Nebraska Neon Sign to
	      amend Sec. 27.69.044 of the LMC to adjust the language with
	      regards to signs in the O-3 Dist. to allow on-premises wall
	      signs & on-premises projecting signs not to exceed 10% 
	      coverage per facade or a total of 250 sq. ft. whichever is
              lesser; to allow ground signs per vehicular entrance into
	      the office park to be located in the required front yard &
	      to allow said ground sign to also identify the name of the
	      tenants; to allow a 15 sq. ft.ground sign at each
              building entrance; & to allow the City Council to modify 
	      the ground sign & the internal directional sign regulations
	      in connection with the granting of a use permit.

10)  00-71    Change of Zone 3244 - App. of HEP, Inc. for a change from
	      H-3 Hwy. Commercial to I-1 Industrial on property generally
	      located at N.W. 27th & Interstate 80.

11)  00-72    Change of Zone 3245 - App. of Manette Kidney for a change
	      from AG Agricultural to O-2 Suburban Office on property
	      generally located at S. 84th St. & Old Cheney Rd.

12)  00-73    Amending Sec. 10.14.200, 10.14.210, & 10.14.220 of the LMC
	      to permit U-turns at select locations when permitted by an
	      authorized traffic control device.

13)  00-77    Approving a Lease Agrmt. bet-
	      ween the City & the American Legion Post #3 for the lease
	      of Sherman Field from April 1, 2000 thru Dec. 31, 2004.


14)  00R-99    Reappointing James McKee, Jerry Berggren, & Tim Francis to
 	       the Historic Preservation Commission for three-year terms
 	       expiring April 15, 2003.  (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80108.)

15)  00R-101   Accepting funding support from the Railroad Transportation
 	       Safety Dist. (RTSD) for the Antelope Valley Study. 
 	       (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80109.)

16)  00R-102   Waving the public street paving design standards for
 	       Franklin St. & waiving the sidewalk requirements along the
 	       north side of Franklin St. between S. 51st St. & S. 52nd
 	       St. in the McManaman's Add. Admin. Final Plat.  
               (ACTION DELAYED 1 WEEK W/NO PUB. HEARING TO 4/17/00, 7-0.)

17)  00R-103   Appeal of L. Vince Cornell from the Planning Commission
 	       denial of Special Permit 1818 for authority to park &
 	       display vehicles for sale in the front yard on property
 	       generally located at 702 W. "O" St.  
               (LOST, 3-4; CAMP, JOHNSON & SENG ASSENTING; #38-4334.)

18)  00R-104   Approving a Consent Agrmt. between the City & the U.S.
 	       Environmental Protection Agency to settle any pending 
 	       claims of environmental violations at Transportation 
 	       Engineering Services at 901 N. 6th St. 
               (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80110.)

19)  00R-105   Amending the Original Engineering Agrmt. to allow HWS
 	       Consulting Group, Inc., to take responsibility as the
 	       prime consultant on the South & East Beltway Studies.
 	       (In connection w/00R-106) (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80111.)

20)  00R-106   Approving Supplemental Agrmt. #4 between the City, County,
 	       & State Dept. of Roads to substitute HWS Consulting Group,
 	       Inc. as the prime consultant for the pro-vision of 
 	       engineering services associated with the South & East
 	       Beltways Studies.  (In connection w/00R-105) 
               (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80112.)



               Lincoln Water & Wastewater System Recapitulation of Daily
 	       Cash Receipts for March, 2000.  (PLACED ON FILE)

               UNL-Microbiologist Report of water tested for the month of
 	       March, 2000.  (PLACED ON FILE)


22)            Clerk's Letter & Mayor's Approval of Ordinances &
 	       Resolutions passed on March 27,  2000.  (PLACED ON FILE)

23)            Investment of Funds.  (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80113.)

24)            Reports from City Treasurer of Telecomm. Occ. Tax due for
 	       the month of Feb., 2000 from: IBM Global Services,
 	       Broadwing Telecomms., LCI Internat'l, Working Assets
 	       Funding Service, Coast Internat'l, Intellicall Operator
 	       Services, Excel Telecomms., Calls for Less, & Trans
 	       National Comms., MCI Telecomms., Nebraska Technology &
 	       Telecomms., Aliant Comms., Aliant Cellular dba Alltel, &
 	       Global Crossing Telecomms. fka Fronter Comms. 
 	       (PLACED ON FILE)

25)            Request of Public Works to set the Hearing Date of Mon.,
 	       April 24, 2000 at 6:30 p.m. & place on the formal City
 	       Council Agenda the following:
               00-80     To provide authority to create a Water Dist. to
 	        	 construct a 16" & 8" water in 33rd St. from
 	                 Superior St. north to approx. Meridian Dr.
               00-81     To provide authority to create a Paving Dist.,
 	                 in 33rd St. from Superior St. north to approx.
                         Meridian Dr.  (APPROVED, 7-0.)


26)  00-78     Approving a contract between the City & the Lincoln Hay-
 	       market Development Corp. to operate & regulate a Saturday
 	       public market in the Haymarket area from May 6 thru Oct.
 	       28, 2000.

27)  00-79     Amending Sec. 9.16.240 of the LMC relating to sexual
 	       contact to add locations in which this ordinance does not
 	       apply, redefining the phrase "sexual contact" & repealing
 	       9.16.20 as hitherto existing.


28)  98R-370   Approving an exception to the Guidelines & Regulations for
 	       Driveway Design & Location requirements of vehicle stacking
 	       for Lincoln Federal Savings at 70th & "O" Sts. 
 	       (LOST, 0-7; #38-4335.)


29)  97-6      Vacating that portion of 11th St. lying between the north
 	       R-O-W line of Y St. & the northwesterly line of Burlington
 	       Northern R.R. R-O-W in the NE¼ of Sec. 23, T10N, R6E.
 	       (LOST, 0-7; #38-4336.)

30)  98-104    Vacating the alley north of W. C St. & west of SW 1st St. 
               (ACTION DELAYED 1 WEEK W/PUB. HEARING TO 4/17/00, 7-0.)


31)  95-128    Change of Zone 2912 - App. of Don Fauth for a change from
 	       AG to AGR on property generally located ½ mi. west of
 	       Coddington at SW 27th St. & Old Cheney Rd. (10/14/96 -
 	       Placed on Pending)

32)  98-52     Declaring city-owned property legally described as the
 	       remaining portion of Lots 226-229, Ridgeview Add., except
 	       the north 10' of said lots, generally located at N. 5th &
 	       Adams St., as surplus & authorizing the sale thereof. 
               (4/6/98 - Placed on Pending)

33)  97-122    Amending Sec. 5.04.060 of the LMC to prohibit issuance
 	       of special designated  licenses for sale of liquor to the
 	       general public in the downtown area on home football game
 	       days.  (8/25/97 - Amended; Placed on Pending)

34)  99R-289   Comp. Plan Amendment 94-38 - App. of the Planning
 	       Director to incorporate the Beal Slough Basin Stormwater
 	       Master Plan by reference as an approved component of the
 	       Comprehensive Plan. (12/6/99 - Placed on Pending until
 	       Spring of 2000 for cont'd Public Hearing)

35)  97-142    Change of Zone 3076 - App. of Dustrol,  Inc. for a
 	       change from AG Agricultural to H-4 General Commercial on
 	       property generally located on the south side of Arbor Rd.,
 	       west of N. 56th St. (9/22/97 - Placed on Pending)

36)  98-153    Change of Zone 3141 - App. of Randy Rohlmeier for a change
 	       from R-2 Residential to I-1 Industrial, on property
 	       generally located at the southwest corner of N. 33rd St. &
 	       Leighton Ave.  (9/21/98 - Placed on Pending)

37)  99R-134   Approving a recommendation that the Mayor amend Admini-
 	       strative Regulation #9 to allow for the creation & im-
 	       plementation of a take-home vehicle program for police
 	       officers in targeted revitalization strategy areas. 
               (5/10/99 - Placed on Pending)

38)  99-93     Amending the corporate limits of the City by annexing
 	       approx. 45 acres of property generally located at S. 14th
 	       St. & Mockingbird Lane North.  (8/23/99 - Placed on 
 	       Pending for 6 months)

39)  00R-4     Amending the City's resolution on local government
 	       miscellaneous expenditures to clarify language; to provide
 	       for travel approval by department directors & instituting
 	       a requirement for directors to submit a semi-annual
               report regarding travel authorizations; to provide that
 	       teams are eligible for the Mayor's Award of Excellence; &
 	       to eliminate references to the City's wellness program.
 	       (1/18/00 - Placed on Pending)

40)  00-35     Amending Sec. 9.16.230 of the LMC to define "nudity", to
 	       make it unlawful for a person to appear in any public
 	       place in a state of nudity, & providing exceptions thereto.
 	       (2/22/00 - Placed on Pending until a Supreme Court Case

41)  00R-64    Special Permit 1423C - App. of Dru, Guy, & David Lammle
 	       to amend the Himark Estates C.u.P. to add land, increase
 	       the assigned number of dwelling units from 240 to 300
 	       multi-family dwelling units, & to approve the site
               plan for the multiple family area, on property generally
 	       located at the northeast corner of S. 84th St. & Old
 	       Cheney Rd. (3/13/00 - To remain on Pending)

42)  00-31     Amending Chapter 5.38 of the LMC to include condominiums
 	       for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the minimum
 	       housing standards.  (3/6/00 - Placed on Pending)


43)  00R-107   Appointing Randy Ross & Ed Schneider to the Lincoln-
 	       Lancaster County Board of Health for 3-yr. terms expiring
 	       April 15, 2003.

44)  00R-108   Reappointing Betsy Palmer to the Lincoln-Lancaster
 	       County Board of Health for a 3-yr. term expiring April 15,

45)  00R-109   Special Permit 1713A - App. of Krein Real Estate & Aspen
 	       Partnership to amend the Aspen 3rd C.U.P. to reduce the
 	       front yard setback on the single-family & 2-family
 	       residential lots from 25' to 20' on property generally
               located at Eagle Ridge Rd. & Carmen Cir.

46)  00R-110   Accepting the report of new & pending tort claims against
 	       the City & approving disposition of claims set forth there-
 	       in for the period of March 16 - 31, 2000.

47)  00R-111   Approving a Cooperative Purchasing Agrmt. between the City
 	       & Intercity Transit of Olympia, Washington for the purchase
 	       of 20 full-size transit vehicles.

48)  00R-112   Approving a Real Estate Contract between the City, 
 	       Lancaster County, & the Estate of Jean Breslow for the
 	       purchase of property at 230 S. 9th St.

49)  00R-113   Approving appropriations in the amount of $2,500 from the
 	       operation of Keno lottery for the Nebraska AIDS Project
 	       with restricted funding to be spent only on material for
 	       the workplace which raises awareness of AIDS in the local
 	       adult community.

50)  00R-125   Appointing Jon D. Carlson to the Lincoln-Lancaster Planning
 	       Commission to fill an unexpired term through Aug. 24, 2001. 
 	       PUB. HEARING & ACTION ON 4/17/00, 7-0.)



     Hearing Date of Mon., April 17, 2000 at 1;30 p.m. on the Man. App. of
     Craig Weidner for B & R Stores Inc. dba Russ's B & R IGA at 130 N.

     Hearing Date of Mon., April 17, 2000 at 1;30 p.m. on the App. of Cory
     Fletcher dba Mahoney Golf Course for a Retail Class A Liquor License
     at 7900 Adams.

     Hearing Date of Mon., April 17, 2000 at 1;30 p.m. on the App. of TFG,
     Inc. dba Capitol Dining Room for a Retail Class IK Liquor License at
     1445 "K".

     Hearing on Mon., April 24, 2000 at 6:30 p.m. on Ordinances to Create
     Assessment Dists.:
     00-74   To provide authority to create a Water Dist. to construct a
             6" water main, Plum St., Gillespie to approx. 350' East.
     00-75   To provide authority to create an Alley Paving Dist. to
             construct concrete pavement in the N-S alley between St.
             Paul & Madison, 49th St. to 50th St.
     00-76   To provide authority to create a Paving Dist. - 73rd St.,
             Cuming to Thurston St.

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