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NOTE: JUNE 26, 2000 REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING WILL BEGIN AT 5:30 P.M. MAYOR'S AWARD OF EXCELLENCE - (MARCH - MIKE DEKALB, PLANNING DEPT.; APRIL - OFFICER MARIO ROBINSON, POLICE DEPT.; MAY - DAVE RYDL, CLINT BUNDY, RICH WOHLERS, MARK REYNOLDS & MIKE HOUSE, PUBLIC WORKS DEPT.) PUBLIC HEARING ORDINANCES - 2ND READING 1) 00-110 Creating Alley Re-Paving Dist. 47 in the east/west alley from 14th St. to Centennial Mall, between P & Q Sts. 2) 00-111 Renaming "Wildflower Dr." located in the Northridge Heights 6th & 7th Adds. as "Cornflower Dr.", & renaming "Cypress Ln." located in Northridge Heights 6th Add. as "Watercress Ln.." 3) 00-112 Vacating Timothy Ct. east of N. 24th St. between Superior St. & Dodge St. 4) 00-113 Vacating Lots 36, 37, 38, & 39, Block 1, Northridge Heights 6th Add., & Outlot A, Northridge Heights 7th Add., generally located at Prairieview Dr. & N. 34th St. 5) 00-114 Change of Zone 3257 - App. of the Planning Director for a change from P Public to I-1 Industrial on property generally located at 6th & the Burlington Northern Railroad. PUBLIC HEARING - RESOLUTIONS 6) 00R-157 Appointing Gil Trevizo to the Citizen Police Advisory Board to fill an unexpired term expiring November 17, 2000.(ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80234) 7) 00R-158 Appointing Amir Azimi to the Multicultural Advisory Committee to fill an unexpired term expiring September 18, 2002. (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80235) 8) 00R-159 Approving an agreement between the City and the State of Nebraska Department of Roads for the replacement of the Charleston Street Bridge over Salt Creek. (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80236) 9) 00R-160 Special Permit 1838 - Application of the Disabled American Veterans Chapter No. 7 to permit the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises on property generally located at 3901 North 70th Street. (ADOPTED, 6-0; CAMP, CONFLICT OF INTEREST; A-80237) 10) 00R-162 Declaring the area generally bounded by N Street on the south, N. 26th Street on the west, X Street on the north, and N. 27th Street on the east, as blighted and substandard. (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80238) 11) 00R-163 Approving an agreement between the City and the Nebraska State Historical Society to allow for the sublease of approximately 26,000 square feet of space at the Lincoln Children's Museum located at 1420 P Street for use by the State Historical Society. (ADOPTED, 7-0; 80239) 12) 00R-164 Appointing Wayne Heyen to the Air Pollution Control Advisory Board to fill an unexpired term expiring September 1, 2000. (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80240) 13) 00R-165 Reappointing Francene Blythe to the Lincoln Housing Authority Board for a five-year term expiring July 1, 2005. (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80241) 14) 00R-166 Appointing Dr. Greg Kallos to the Lincoln-Lancaster County Commission on Aging Advisory Board for a three-year term expiring July 1, 2003. (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80242) 15) 00R-167 Reappointing Mary Kyckelhahn, Barry Moore, and Bonnie Armstrong to the Lincoln-Lancaster County Commission on Aging Advisory Board for three-year terms expiring July 1, 2003. (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80243) PETITIONS & COMMUNICATIONS 16) MISCELLANEOUS REFERRALS Informal Petition to keep retaining wall at 2620 Jacquelyn Dr. signed by Manh Tien & Thao Nguyen Do. (REFERRED TO PUBLIC WORKS) Formal petition for Alley Paving at north/south alley, St. Paul to Madison & 49th to 50th St. signed by First United Methodist Church, Linda Carlson Schmidt, Board of Trustees Chairperson. (REFERRED TO LAW DEPT.) Report from City Treasurer of Monthly City Cash Report at the close of business May 31, 2000. (PLACED ON FILE) Report from City Treasurer of Telecomm. Occ. Tax for the month of May, 2000: One Call, Int'l. Exchange. (PLACED ON FILE) Report from City Treasurer of Franchise Tax for the month of May, 2000 from UtiliCorp United Gas Co. (PLACED ON FILE) THE FOLLOWING WERE REFERRED TO PLANNING DEPT.: Special Permit 1629B - App. of DuTeau Investment Co. to add a 32 sq. ft. 20 ft. highilluminated pole sign at South 27th St. & Porter Ridge Rd. Special Permit 1753A - App. of R.C. Krueger Dev. Co. to develop a C.U.P. containing 218 apartment units, parking, clubhouse & 150 child care facility at South 14th St. & Pine Lake Rd. Special Permit 1844 - App. of Kim Elder & Mary F. Elder to remodel south end of Tam O'Shanter, 105 S. 25th St. for extra seating, pool, darts, golf game and handicap bathroom. Special Permit 1846 - App. of Capital Contractors, Inc., Curt Smith to allow 78' wireless communication pole & equipment at remaining triangular portion of vacated W St. from east line of 9th St to NW line of railroad ROW. Special Permit 1847 - App. of Pius X High School corp. to allow pole replacement & installation of wireless transmission equipment w/stadium lighting on property at 6000 A St. Special Permit 1848 - App. of Michael G. & Toni L Unthank to expand an existing two-car residential garage located at 11" from the side lot line at 2961 Sheridan Blvd. Special Permit 1849 - App. of Cormack Family Enterprises to utilize residential property for driveway & screening for commercial parking area at Lot 2, Cormack First Add. Special Permit 1851 - App. of Tabitha, Inc. & Tabitha Housing Corp. to amend Spec. use Permit to allow development of facility for combined early childhood care facility & adult daycare facility or in the alternative only early childhood care facility at 4720 Randolph St.;Northwest of 48th & Randolph Sts. Change of Zone 3258 - App. of Aspen Builders, Inc. to for a change from AGR Agricultural Residential Dist. to R-3 Residential Dist. & H-4 General Commercial Dist. at West A St. & SW 7th St. Setting Date of Mon., July 3, 2000 at 1:30 p.m. on the App. of Lance Brown dba "Studio 14" for a Retail Class "I" Liquor License at 1415 O St. (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80244) App. of Lincoln Rotary Club #14 to conduct a raffle within the City of Lincoln. (Need motion to set hearing for Mon., July 3, 2000, 1:30 p.m.) (APPROVED, 7-0) REPORTS OF CITY OFFICERS 17) Clerk's Letter & Mayor's Approval of Ordinances & Resolutions passed on June 5, 2000. (PLACED ON FILE) 18) Investment of Funds. (ADOPTED, 7-0; A-80245) ORDINANCES - 1ST READING 19) 00-115 Amending Section 8.08.020 to provide an exception to the requirement of a certificate of public convenience and necessity for government providers of service; amending Section 8.08.090 to provide enforceable response time verification. 20) 00-116 Amending Section 2.20.010 to provide that the Fire Chief have care and control of all equipment and management of the emergency medical services program; adding a new section numbered 2.20.015 to provide that emergency medical services and ambulance transport be assigned to the Fire Department. ORDINANCES - 3RD READING - NONE PENDING LIST (EXTENDED ONE WEEK) 21) 95-128 Change of Zone 2912 - App. of Don Fauth for a change from AG to AGR on property generally located ½ mi. west of Coddington at SW 27th St. & Old Cheney Rd. (10/14/96 - Placed on Pending) 22) 98-52 Declaring city-owned property legally described as the remaining portion of Lots 226-229, Ridgeview Add., except the north 10' of said lots, generally located at N. 5th & Adams St., as surplus & authorizing the sale thereof. (4/6/98 - Placed on Pending) 23) 97-122 Amending Sec. 5.04.060 of the LMC to prohibit issuance of special desig-nated licenses for sale of liquor to the general public in the downtown area on home football game days. (8/25/97 - Amended; Placed on Pending) 24) 97-142 Change of Zone 3076 - App. of Dustrol, Inc. for a change from AG Agricultural to H-4 General Commercial on property generally located on the south side of Arbor Rd., west of N. 56th St. (9/22/97 - Placed on Pending) 25) 98-153 Change of Zone 3141 - App. of Randy Rohlmeier for a change from R-2 Residential to I-1 Industrial, on property generally located at the southwest corner of N. 33rd St. & Leighton Ave. (9/21/98 - Placed on Pending) 26) 99R-134 Approving a recommendation that the Mayor amend Administrative Regulation #9 to allow for the creation & implementation of a take-home vehicle program for police officers in targeted revitalization strategy areas. (5/10/99 - Placed on Pending) 27) 99-93 Amending the corporate limits of the City by annexing approx. 45 acres of property generally located at S. 14th St. & Mockingbird Lane North. (8/23/99 - Placed on Pending for 6 months) 28) 00-35 Amending Section 9.16.230 of the LMC to define "nudity", to make it unlawful for a person to appear in any public place in a state of nudity, & providing exceptions thereto. (2/22/00 - Placed on Pending until a Supreme Court Case Decision) 29) 00R-64 Special Permit 1423C - App. of Dru, Guy, & David Lammle to amend the Himark Estates C.U.P. to add land, increase the assigned number of dwelling units from 240 to 300 multi-family dwelling units, & to approve the site plan for the multiple family area, on property generally located at the northeast corner of S. 84th St. & Old Cheney Rd. (3/13/00 - To remain on Pending) 30) 00-31 Amending Chapter 5.38 of the LMC to include condominiums for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the minimum housing standards. (3/6/00 - Placed on Pending) 31) 00-65 Change of Zone 3196 - App. of the Interim Planning Director for a change from B-1 Local Business & R-3 Residential to B-2 Planned Neighborhood Business & from R-3 Residential to AGR Agricultural Residential, on property generally located at S. Coddington Ave. & W. Van Dorn St. (In connection w/00-67) (4/17/00 - Placed on Pending) 32) 00-67 Change of Zone 3247 - App. of the Interim Planning Director for a change from AGR Agricultural Residential & R-3 Residential to B-2 Planned Neighborhood Business, on property generally located on the southwest corner of S. Coddington Ave. & W. Van Dorn St. (In connection w/00-65) (4/17/00 - Placed on Pending) 33) 00-72 Change of Zone 3245 - App. of Manette Kidney for a change from AG Agricultural to O-2 Suburban Office on property generally located at S. 84th St. & Old Cheney Rd. (4/24/00 - Reconsidered & Placed on Pending) 34) 00R-126 Approving & supporting the Report & Recommendations of the Lancaster County Medical Society contained in the document entitled "Independent Medical Oversight for Pre-Hospital Medical Care" which recommends an emergency & non-emergency medical system for the City. (4/24/00 - Placed on Pending until a Provider is picked) 35) 00R-140 Approving or denying a requested transfer of the cable television franchise from a subsidiary of Time Warner Inc. to AOL Time Warner Inc. 5/15/00 - Placed on Pending - scheduled for Public Hearing when removed from Pending) 36) 00-99 Change of Zone 3251 - Amending Secs. 27.58.010 & 27.58.020 of the Lincoln Municipal Code (LMC) to amend the reference from "Compre-hensive Plan figure 21" to "Official Zoning Map of the City of Lincoln." (5/30/00 - Placed on Pending) 37) 00-106 Creating Sewer Dist. 1174 in Old Dairy Rd. from 27th St. west approx. 600'. (5/30/00 - Placed on Pending) 38) 00-100 Amending Title 5 of the LMC by adding a new Chapter 5.17 pertaining to telecommunications providers using the City's rights-of-way to establish definitions, standards, & permit fees for the use of rights-of-way; to provide for insurance, bonding, & construction standards for telecommunications facilities located in rights-of-way; to establish procedures for reviews of decisions regarding telecommunications facilities; & to provide for enforcement of this ordinance. (6/12/00 - Placed on Pending) WITH COUNCIL APPROVAL, THE FOLLOWING RESOLUTIONS WILL HAVE PUBLIC HEARING ON MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2000: APPROVED, 7-0 NONE. ANY PERSON DESIRING TO HAVE THEIR NAME & SUBJECT MATTER LISTED ON THE FORMAL AGENDA PERTAINING TO MATTERS NOT ON THE CURRENT AGENDA, OR NOT SCHEDULED TO APPEAR ON A FUTURE AGENDA, SHOULD NOTIFY THE CITY CLERK BY 10:00 A..M. THE WEDNESDAY (6/21/00) PRIOR TO THE NEXT FORMAL CITY COUNCIL MEETING (6/26/00). ADJOURNMENT 2:05 P.M.
RE: SPECIAL PERMIT NO. 1165A - TO SHOW CAUSE WHY SAID SPECIAL PERMIT SHOULD NOT BE REVOKED FOR FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE CONDITIONS OF THE SPECIAL PERMIT. (1301 "H") (DEFERRED TO JULY 3, 2000, 7-0) ADJOURNED 2:36 P.M. UPCOMING HEARINGS Hearing date of Mon., June 26, 2000, at 5:30 p.m. on the applications for Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to operate an ambulance service within the City of Lincoln.
The City of Lincoln is considering establishing an emergency medical service pursuant to Nebraska Revised Statute Sec. 13- 303, wherein the Lincoln Fire Department will, beginning on or about January 1, 2001, provide paramedic ambulance service within the City limits and potentially to Lancaster County as a whole. The City will bill for such service at rates set by the City. It is anticipated the City will either contract for or authorize through a certificate of public convenience and necessity private ambulance provider(s) to provide back-up in the event of catastrophe, and to provide non-emergency inter- facility transportation. The City will also contract for or otherwise provide for the billing and collection services associated with providing ambulance service. A forecast of revenues and expenditures has been prepared. The financial position has been prepared with known and historical costs, along with prevailing market revenue information. The estimated initial cost of establishing such service is $108,000. The estimated continuing cost of operating such service is $2,491,000 per year, net allowances for bad debts of $1,662,000 per year. A detailed explanation of the proposed plan is on file with the City Clerk. Hearing on this matter will be had: AT THE REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING, MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2000, WHICH BEGINS AT 5:30 P.M.

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