With the adoption of the new Comp Plan, the links to the supporting documents for this fact sheet have been removed to avoid any confusion that may have been caused by out of date information.

If you are interested in viewing the materials, please contact the Planning Department at 441-7491.

City Council Introduction: Monday, April 29, 2002
Joint Public Hearing of the Lincoln City Council and
Lancaster County Board of Commissioners:
Wednesday, May 8, 2002 at 1:30 p.m.
Bill No. 02R-96
  BOARD/COMMITTEE:  Planning Commission
Public Hearing: 3/13/02 and 3/27/02
Administrative Action: 4/3/20
STAFF RECOMENDATION:   Approval, with amendments RECOMMENDATION:  Approval, with 55 amendments
(9-0: Newman, Duvall, Bills-Strand, Taylor, Steward, Carlson, Krieser, Larson and Schwinn voting 'yes').
  1. The Planning Commission held public hearings on the February 6, 2002, draft of the proposed 2025 Lincoln City-Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan on March 13 and March 27, 2002. This Factsheet and accompanying documentation represents the information upon which the Planning Commission based its recommendations made on April 3, 2002.

  2. The staff report which accompanied the February 6th draft is found on p. 2-13.

  3. The Minutes of the public hearings are found on p. 14-66 and Exhibits 1 through 63C submitted at the public hearings are found on p. 104-381. The Planning Commission heard testimony by approximately 150 members of the public and city and county staff.

  4. A Summary of Committee Work which contributed to the Plan and submitted by the Director of Planning is found on p. 382-405.

  5. A summary of the Questionnaire Comments from Public Workshops is found on p. 406-480.

  6. A Memorandum from the Director of Planning regarding the Benchmark Indicators is found on p. 481-485.

  7. The Record of Action of the Comprehensive Plan Committee is found on p. 486-493.

  8. The Minority Report submitted by four members of the Comprehensive Plan Committee is found on p.494-496.

  9. The document entitled Comprehensive Plan Major Remaining Issues, submitted by Art Zygielbaum on behalf of eight members of the Comprehensive Plan Committee is found on p. 497-502.

  10. All other information submitted to the Planning Commission in the form of email messages, voice mail messages from the Comprehensive Plan Comment Line, letters and postcards is found on p. 503-788. This additional information is not sorted based on subject but is submitted basically in chronological order as to date received or submitted.

  11. Please note: The Exhibits and items of correspondence which requested specific amendments are also included in the Written Requests for Amendment which were previously provided to the City Council and County Board. This document is also referred to during the action portion of the minutes of Planning Commission. One copy of this 179 page document is being placed on file with the City Clerk and the County Clerk.

  12. The Minutes of the Action by the Planning Commission, including 55 amendments, 13 failed motions and 7 withdrawn motions, are found on p. 66-103. On April 3, 2002, the Planning Commission voted 9-0 to recommend approval of the proposed 2025 Comprehensive Plan, as amended.

  13. The 2025 Comprehensive Plan Review Draft for Lincoln City Council and Lancaster County Board document dated April 3, 2002, submitted under separate cover, is based upon the amendments and recommendations made by the Planning Commission on April 3, 2002.
FACTSHEET PREPARED BY:  Jean L. Walker								DATE:  April 22, 2002
REVIEWED BY: Kent Morgan										   DATE:  April 22, 2002
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