City of Lincoln
City Council Agenda
West Haymarket Arena Project
Exhibit List for Resolution 10R-237A - AS OF 10/15/2010

Exhibits Attached to Master Development Agreement
Exhibit A:			Depiction of West Haymarket Project
Exhibit B:			Depiction of Existing BNSF Property
Exhibit B-1:			Depiction of Retained BNSF Property / Transferred BNSF Property
Exhibit C:			Depiction of BNSF Bridge
Exhibit D:			Depiction of Existing City Streets and Alleys
Exhibit D-1:			Depiction of Vacated Right of Way/Retained City Property, Vacated Right of Way/Replacement BNSF Property, and BNSF Reversionary Interests
Exhibit E:			Depiction of Existing UP Property
Exhibit E-1:			Depiction of UP/City Retained Property / UP/Replacement BNSF Property
Exhibit F:			Depiction of Third Party Properties
Exhibit F-1:			Depiction of Third Party/Retained City Property and Third Party/Replacement BNSF Property
Exhibit G:			Depiction of Replacement BNSF Property
Exhibit G-1:			Depiction of Replacement BNSF Property
Exhibit H:			Depiction of Future BNSF Corridor
Exhibit I:			Intentionally Deleted
Exhibit I-1:			Depiction of Storm Water Mitigation Area (Temporary Grading)
Exhibit I-2:			Depiction of Storm Water Mitigation Area (Permanent Improvements)
Exhibit I-3:			Depiction of Soil Staging Areas
Exhibit I-4:			Depiction of Pedestrian Bridge Area
Exhibit J:			Depiction of Replacement City Property
Exhibit J-1:			Depiction of Crossing Agreement Areas
Exhibit J-2:			Depiction of Holes in the Donut and Temporary Access Areas
Exhibit K			Depiction of Future City Property
Exhibit L:			Depiction of BNSF Replacement Work and BNSF Removal Work Areas
Exhibit M-1:			Depiction of Temporary Access for Temporary Access License
Exhibit M-2:			Depiction of Temporary Access for City Amtrak Work Area
Exhibit N:			Depiction of City Amtrak Work Area
Exhibit O:			Depiction of Fiber Optic Work and Public Utilities Work Areas
Exhibit P:			Depiction of Security Fencing Area
Exhibit P-1:			Depiction of Gate Locations on Security Fencing Area
Exhibit Q:			Timeline
Exhibit R:			JFA MOU
Exhibit S:			Depiction of Other BNSF Reversionary Interests
Exhibit T:			Intentionally Deleted.
Exhibit U:			Letter Agreement for Part of the Final Design Work
Exhibit V:			Letter Agreement for Final Design of Signal and Facilities Work
Exhibit W:			Letter Agreement for Early Track Removal and Temporary Crossing Construction
Exhibit X-1:			Included Work
Exhibit X-2:			BNSF Work Payment Exclusions
Exhibit Y:			Depiction of Existing and Proposed Utilities
Exhibit Z:			Escrow Agreement
Exhibit Z-1:			Construction Draw Schedule
Exhibits AA  AA-7:		Depiction of Arena Drive Grading Area
Exhibit BB:			Form of Temporary License for Survey / Geotech / Environmental Activities / Advanced Construction
Exhibit BB-1			Form of Temporary Construction and Access License for Sanitary Sewer Work
Exhibit DD:			Intentionally Deleted.
Exhibit EE:			Form of Temporary Access License for Initial Construction
Exhibit FF:			Form of Storm Water Mitigation Easement
Exhibit FF-1:			Form of Temporary Grading License for Storm Water Mitigation
Exhibit GG:			Form of Temporary Access License for Soil Staging
Exhibit HH:			Form of Pedestrian Bridge Easement
Exhibit HH-1:			Form of Temporary Access License for Construction Staging - Pedestrian Bridge
Exhibit HH-A (pp. 1- 4):	Depiction of Pedestrian Bridge License Area
Exhibit II:			Form of Temporary Access License for Amtrak Work
Exhibit JJ:			Form of Security Fencing License
Exhibit KK:			Form of Temporary Grading License for Arena Drive and Parking Lot Construction
Exhibit NN:			Form of Fiber Optic Communication Easement
Exhibit OO:			Intentionally Deleted.
Exhibit TT:			Form of City Utility Easement / 2nd and J Utility Easement
Exhibit TT-1:			Existing City Utility Easement
Exhibit UU:			Form of Crossing Agreement
Exhibit VV:			Fencing Requirements

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