City of Lincoln
City Council Agenda
West Haymarket Arena Project
Exhibit List for Resolution 10R-238A - AS OF 10/15/2010

Exhibits Attached to Agreement
Exhibit B:			Existing BNSF Property
Exhibit B-1:			Retained BNSF Property / Transferred BNSF Property
Exhibit C:			BNSF Bridge
Exhibit D-1:			Vacated Right of Way/Retained City Property, Vacated Right of Way/Replacement BNSF Property, and BNSF Reversionary Interests
Exhibit E-1:			UP/City Retained Property / UP/Replacement BNSF Property
Exhibit F-1:			Third Party/Retained City Property and Third Party/Replacement BNSF Property
Exhibit F-2:			Cleanup Standards
Exhibit G:			First BNSF Closing Property
Exhibit G-1:			Second BNSF Closing Property
Exhibit J:			Replacement City Property
Exhibit J-1:			First City Closing Property
Exhibit J-2:			Second City Closing Property and Holes in the Donut
Exhibit J-3:			Third City Closing Property
Exhibit J-4:			Fourth City Closing Property
Exhibit J-5:			Fifth City Closing Property
Exhibit S:			Other BNSF Reversionary Interests (portion outside project footprint)
Exhibit PP:			Form of Bill of Sale
Exhibit PP-1:			Bridge Bill of Sale
Exhibit QQ:			Form of Replacement BNSF Property Deed
Exhibit QQ-1:			Form of Replacement BNSF Property Easement
Exhibit RR:			Form of Replacement City Property Deed
Exhibit SS:			Form of License Assignment
Exhibit SS-1:			Partial Assignment & Assumption of Agreements (Partially Assigned Permits)

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