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October 28, 2002

Supporting the UN's Anti-Terrorism Efforts

Mayor Don Wesely appointed me to be the Chair of the Lincoln Area observance of United Nations Day. This date is established annually by the General Assembly of the UN to observe the anniversary of its beginning. I am grateful and proud to serve in this largely ceremonial position. I believe in the importance of the United Nations in this interdependent world. In my role as a city council member, I have often spoken of how Lincoln is affected by events around the world. We cannot make local policy without considering its effect on our larger global community.

The first article of the United Nations Charter states its purposes. It declares that the peoples of the world unite to promote cooperation among nations to solve international economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian problems. It also states the commitment to promote respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and to serves as a center for the nations to attain these common ends. (Taken from the publication ABCs of the UN)

The local chapter of the United Nations Association of the UNA-USA, now in its 45th year, held its annual UN Day Banquet last Sunday evening. Its members willingly and persistently work toward the greater good for the people of Lincoln and for the world. The optimism of these citizens in pursuing a peaceful world encourages all of us to support the United Nations. The theme of this year's observance of UN Day is "Beyond Terrorism".

Since September 11, 2001, little else has been on the minds of people around the world. The United Nations has made tremendous efforts to fight terrorism. These efforts have included coalition building and the passage of resolutions to make clear that terrorism is unacceptable to all nations. It has been made clear that the United States does not need to fight terrorism alone. The UN Security Council is pursuing a cautious step-by-step course in dealing with Iraq. American interests are best served by working in and through the coalition of nations represented by the UN.

It seems obvious that ending terrorism in the world will require the united efforts of every nation. Our children must be free from the fear of terrorism to complete the building of a world that offers peace with justice and equity to all people everywhere. For the sake of tomorrow's adults, let us insist that our government use every possible diplomatic path through the UN before resorting to making war on those nations that are recognizably dangerous neighbors!

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