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November 4, 2003

Dated September 4, 2003


From Glenn A. Friendt
Lincoln City Council Member At-Large

As you consider making recommendations to the Lincoln City Council and Lancaster County Board for Planning Commission appointments and reappointments, I would like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts.

I strongly support the reappointment of Steve Duvall for another term on the Planning Commission. Steve has great breadth of experience from his previous years of service on the Commission. He has also demonstrated that he is a diligent and dependable worker based upon his attendance and attentive manner at Planning Commission meetings.

In addtion, Steve brings a unique perspective of representing a significant population of Lincoln's citizens faced with mobility challenges. Lincoln and the development community have a long history of sensitivity and responsiveness to citizens with challenges in mobility. Steve's absence from the Commission would leave a significant portion of our community without representation.

With the departure of Gregg Schwinn, we need someone who can represent an industry that constitutes 26% of Lincoln's economy. As a maember of the building and development industry, Ken Westerhold received overwhelming support from the Home Builders Association, the Realtors Association and the Chamber of Commerce. I will add my support to Ken Westerhold but I am also willing to positively consider the nomination of Lynn Sunderman.

The recent appointment of Dan Marvin and the continuing service of Jon Carlson assure that there is strong neighborhood representation on the Planning Commission. Cecil Steward has drawn from his many years in the academic world and has excellent experience as a current member of the Planning Commission. If there are to be any changes I would recommend that it be to choose between Jennifer Brinkman and Cecil Steward. The final decision is yours, however, my personal preference would be to support Cecil as the nominee with more experience.

As I consider my support for nominees, it is my firm belief that all candidates put forth in the review process must accept the following:

The Comprehensive Plan
Results of the Infrastructure Finance Study
The Angelou Economics Report

These documents all have a broad base of community participation in their development and have received community wide support. They mesh in a comprehensive way to guide the future of Lincoln and address issues of community development, neighborhood preservation and job growth. It will not be likely that I can support any candidate who does not have a fundamental understanding and acceptance of these studies.

Thank you for consideration of my thoughts on this issue and I look forward to the nomination process.

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