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Mr. Werner's Comments in a Letter to the Editor of the Lincoln Journal Star
March 10, 2003

As a lifelong Nebraska resident and a current member of the Lincoln City Council, I want to encourage the Nebraska Legislature to pass LB746, a bill which would prohibit landlords and real estate agents from discriminating against homosexuals. I want to thank Senator Landis for taking a stand against inequality and discrimination in housing.

The Citizens of Lincoln have always striven for a high quality of life. If any sector of our population is discriminated against and not given full protection of the law then it reflects poorly upon the entire city. The growth in diversity that our city has experienced in the last decade has made us a much stronger city and enriched our lives. I am very proud to represent all of Lincolnís population on the City Council.

It is not in any city or any stateís best interest to make laws that are based upon personal morals or beliefs. It is in our best interest to protect the rights of every person in our society. That is the job of government. "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" was meant for all.

Terry Werner
At-Large Member of the Lincoln City Council

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