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The Nebraskans for Peace Newspaper

Tributes to 2003 Peacemakers of the Year
(Tribute to Terry Werner by Don Tilley)
March 10, 2003

Terry, you have been a member of Nebraskans for Peace since the 1970s.

With this 2003 Peacemaker Award, we want to acknowledge that you, Terry Werner, have made a difference for Peace and Justice. You have addressed controversial issues straightforwardly, with courage, even when sharply criticized.

Only two years ago you began serving on the Lincoln City Council. During this time, you have been clear and consistent in your strong opposition to the proposed war on Iraq. You overcame the restrictive, traditional roles of the City Council by introducing a resolution for a moratorium on the death penalty which the Council passed 4-3. When persons initiated a petition drive for your recall because of your stand on the death penalty, you did not compromise nor shrink away. You did what you thought was right. You stood with members of Nebraskans for Peace in front of the City County building to denounce the institutional violence that United States was inflicting on Afghanistan in the name of stopping terrorism.

Thank you, Terry.

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