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In response to a constituent's expressed concerns regarding the August 24, 2004 Lincoln Journal Star article involving a private exchange between Mr. Svoboda and two of his Council colleagues, following is Mr. Svoboda's reply:


I appreciate your comments. However, as you have stated, the Lincoln Journal Star is in business to sell newspapers. That is obviously done through advertisements but most importantly through subscriptions; and what sells subscriptions but headlines and articles of interest.

I have personally spoken to Nate Jenkins and a member of the editorial staff and did not and will not ask for an apology or retraction.

I have done what is most important to me and that is to apologize to my colleagues -both those that took the brunt of my temper but also those who were not there- for once again allowing a negative spin to be put on the body as a whole.

I learned through this latest event that if you expect a conversation among colleagues to be private, make sure that you're behind closed doors when it takes place.

I extend my apology to you and those citizens who feel offended by the actions of this elected individual.

Ken R. Svoboda
Lincoln City Council

Ken Svoboda was elected to the City Council in 2001.

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