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Meeting Minutes

September 28, 2006, 3:30 p.m.
at Lincoln Chamber of Commerce


Name Title Organization
Jonathan Cook Lincoln City Council
Ken Doty Chair WI-LINC Commission; Triadix,Inc.
Bruce Bohrer Lincoln Chamber of Commerce
Terry Bundy CEO Lincoln Electric System
Tom Casady Chief Lincoln Police Department
Pete Crawford Lincoln/Lancaster County 911 Center
Bob Eades MicroLnk
Eric Erlandson Internet Nebraska
Rich Furasek Assistant Chief Lincoln Fire and Rescue
Doug Harris Time Warner Cable
Steve Huggenberger City of Lincoln Law Department
Chris Hunt Windstream
Bill Jarrett Lancaster County Sheriff's Department
Terry Lowe City of Lincoln Information Services
Don Mayhew Lincoln Public Schools; Innovation Corp.
Doug Ostergard
Beth Scarborough Time Warner Cable
Doug Thomas City of Lincoln Information Services
Hadley Richters Staff Alchemy Associates, LLC

Jonathan Cook, Lincoln City Council, made introductions and thanked everyone for coming. Chairman Ken Doty reviewed the agenda.

Doty briefly discussed the proposed overview and goal of the commission and also talked about the opportunities that wireless service could provide in Lincoln, such as economic development.

Members present discussed possible changes to the proposed goal. Beth Scarborough questioned why we would be examining the viability of providing wireless Internet access. She thought it was already clear that it was viable. Doty suggested that we we examine what and where service could or should be provided in Lincoln and explained we would be examining options. Bruce Bohrer suggested adding "and Private Sector" to the goal.

Revised Goal: "Examine the viability of wireless Internet access for Lincoln and surrounding areas and define what role government and private business should play in facilitating such access." Doty gave a brief review of the objectives for the Commission and opened the floor for comments and questions.

Doty reviewed the proposed subcommittees/working groups and asked each person present to select a subcommittee to serve on. The following assignments were made:

Community Research and Analysis: Bruce Bohrer, Terry Bundy, Eric Erlandson, Rich Furasek, Bill Jarrett, Terry Lowe and Beth Scarborough.

Tech Research and Review: Terry Bundy, Tom Casady, Bob Eades, Eric Erlandson, Doug Harris, Chris Hunt, Terry Lowe, Don Mayhew, Doug Ostergard, Beth Scarborough

Legal Review: Bruce Bohrer, Terry Bundy, Steve Huggenberger, Chris Hunt, Doug Thomas

Members will be contacted in the coming weeks to provide contact information and identify resources they, their company or organizations or colleagues might be able to provide to the Commission. Ken Doty will be asking individuals to serve as chairpersons for the three subcommittees and another meeting of the Commission will be scheduled as the work of the subcommittees progresses.