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Date: September 12, 2006

WI-LINC Commission formed by Councilman Jonathan Cook to examine Wireless Internet Access in Lincoln

Lincoln City Councilman Jonathan Cook announced today that he has invited a distinguished group of community members and business-related representatives to form the WI-LINC Commission, a committee to examine the opportunity of providing wireless Internet access in Lincoln.

Ken Doty of Triadix, Inc, a local information technology organization focused on providing high quality software and consulting solutions small to medium-sized businesses, has agreed to serve as chair of the Commission.

"The Internet is a key component of our daily lives," said Cook. "Providing wireless Internet access throughout the City can have the potential to strengthen our public safety response and communication, enhance our economic development efforts, augment travel and tourism revenues and improve the quality of life for all Lincoln citizens."

The WI-LINC Commission Goal is to examine the viability of wireless Internet for Lincoln and what role the government should play in facilitating such access.

Doty stressed that there are five core objectives for the WI-LINC Commission:

  1. Review what other communities are doing regarding wireless Internet access.
  2. Determine possible revenue and cost options
  3. Detail the options available to Lincoln, Nebraska
  4. Determine the pros and cons of each option
  5. Make recommendations to the Lincoln City Council and other local elected officials

"The work of the Commission should provide a strong framework for our elected officials to address this opportunity," said Chairperson Ken Doty.

In order to engage the general public in the work of the Commission, a public survey regarding the Wireless Internet Initiative has been posted on the City's website: To access the survey, enter the keyword "wireless," which will take you to the Commission's webpage. Along with the survey, the webpage will be updated regularly regarding the work of the Commission. The Commission's first meeting is expected before the end of September.

For More Information contact:

Jonathan Cook, Lincoln City Council (402) 441-7515 or
Ken Doty, Triadix, Inc. (402) 438-3103 or