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What we do and don't do


Process Liquor Licenses (See Also State Liquor Control Commission/441-2571)


Auctioneers' License for Lincoln  ($15.00 for 3 Months;
     $50.00 for 1 Year)

Dance Permits - Public ($50.00 per Year; One Day Public
     Dance - $10.00 per day;
     One Day Teen Dance - $10.00 per day;
     Teen Dance - Annual $50.00)

Hobbyist Permits - $50.00 Issued for six-month period to owners
     of unregistered vehicles in residentially zoned areas for autos
     not stored in enclosed buildings.

Lottery/Raffle Permit - (Tax - 5% of Gross Receipts)

Mechanical Amusement Devices ($25.00 Per Location;
     $50.00  Occupation Tax on Video Games;
     $10.00  Music Machines;
     $25.00  Shuffleboard & Pool Tables)

Mechanical Kiddie Rides - ($10.00 Occupation Tax)

Mobile Home Court License - ($25.00 per year)

Newsrack Permit - ($10.00 per Year per rack Permit Fee)

Occupation Tax Decals for Vending Machines (Sliding Fee Schedule)

Parade Permit (Applications Filed - No Fee if not deemed a Special Event)

Pawnbroker Permit - ($Occupation Tax $25.00/Permit Fee
     $25.00 - Total $50.00 per Year; Must be approved by Police
     Department; Bond Required)

Peddlers License (Door-to-Door Sales in Residential
     Neighborhoods - $25.00 Non-Refundable)

Refuse Haulers - Bond Certificate ($500.00) Licensed by
     (Health Department)

Sidewalk Cafe - $100.00 Permit Fee Plus $.25 per annum per Square
     foot Used.  (Occupation Tax imposed based on Value of Front
     Footage. Insurance Required).

Sidewalk Vendors Permit - $50.00 Permit Fee Plus $50.00
     Occupation Tax - On Public Property Only

Solicitation Permit - $10.00 for 90 Day Permit.  $20.00 for Annual Permit
     (Annual Permits to Lincoln-based organizations Only)

Special Event Permit - Commercial zones - $45.00 fee.
	 (Bond/Insurance required)

Taxicab Drivers License - $5.00 Non-Refundable Application Fee; $10.00
     License Fee upon Approval by Police Department.

Tobacco License  ($15.00 per year)

  HANDLE:                     		FOR HELP SEE:

Birth & Death Certificates         State Dept. of Health/471-2871

Building License & Permits         City Building & Safety/441-7521

Bungee Jumping                     City/County Health/441-8000

Car Dealers License                Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing

Divorce Decrees                    Clerk of District Court/441-7328

Food Permits                       City/County Health/441-8000

Handicapped Parking Permits        State of Nebraska DMV

Individual Sewage System and       Fees Determined by and Paid thru
Water Wells                        Health Dept.; Bonds kept on
                                   file in City Clerk's Office

Marriage Licenses                  County Clerk/441-7481

Pet Licensing                      Animal Control/441-7900

Property Taxes - Assessment        County Assessor - 441-7463
                 Collection        County Treasurer - 441-8846

Protection Orders                  Clerk of District Court/441-7328

Residential Block Party            Public Works - Engineering Services/441-7711

Sign Permits                       City Building & Safety/441-7521

Swimming Pools                     City/County Health/441-8000

Vehicle License & Registration     County Treasurer/441-7497

City Clerk