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  Recruitment Video Participants: Nick Beckius, UNL Student; Amanda Benson, LF&R;
Nic Cunningham, LF&R; Kenji Madison, LF&R; Christopher Gutierrez, LF&R;
Jared Stutzman, LF&R; Jamie Bray, LF&R; Dallas Fletcher, LF&R; Station 8, C Shift; Station 8, A Shift

Click here to apply for Firefighter Paramedic Trainee
Click here to apply for Firefighter Trainee

Please use these links to learn more.
How to Become a Firefigher Trainee or Firefighter/Paramedic Trainee
City of Lincoln, Personnel Department
Recruitment Brochure
Firefighter Physical Ability Test (PAT) Candidate Orientation Guide
Firefighter Physical Ability Test (PAT) Video Real Player

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