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How to Become a Firefireghter/Paramedic

LFR promotes a diverse workforce that represents the community it serves. LFR encourages females, minorities, and people from all backgrounds to apply.

How should I prepare to be a Firefighter/Paramedic?
  1. Acquire National Registry Paramedic Certification.

  2. Find out as much as you can about Lincoln Fire & Rescue. What do they do? What are the minimum requirements? Talk to Firefighter/Paramedics about their job and training. Request Ride-Along. (Please include: Name, DOB + Age, Phone Number, and day requesting the ride along.)

  3. Prepare yourself physically. For example, run, stretch, lift weights, carry things up and down stairs, and practice the physical ability test. Push yourself so you are prepared.

  4. Prepare yourself for the interviews. Practice interviews. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself, your education, and your past experience/jobs.

  5. Do volunteer work, such as with the Red Cross First Aid Team, at community centers, schools, volunteer fire departments, athletic teams, etc. Play on athletic teams. Any activitiy you do is a plus.

  6. Increase your any field. Post high school education in fire science, a current EMT License, Fire Fighter I Certification, or a National Paramedic Certification is desired.

Desired Qualifications
  • Read, write, and speak foreign language or languages
  • Advanced degree or education
  • Veterans encouraged to apply
  • Prior experience in fire/EMS services
  • Trade work/experience

Links to Paramedic Programs in Nebraska:

If you have any questions, please phone the City/County Human Resources Department, Employment Office at (402) 441-7597 or send an e-mail to: and someone will be happy to help you.

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