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Recruit Training
Once offered a position, all candidates must successfully complete our in-house, paid recruit training program. Upon successful completion of recruit academy, firefighter recruits are assigned to an operations division company to complete their probationary period. Recruits will be requred to complete a fire taskbook as well as a paramedic preceptorship which will be at seperate times. Paramedic preceptorship will consist of 28 days functioning on a medic unit under the supervision of a Lincoln Fire & Rescue paramedic preceptor.

In addition to comprehensive classroom instruction, the program includes training in firefighting techniques and equipment use. Lincoln Fire & Rescue recruit academy is known as a hands-on, drill-intensive training program. Recruits are evaluated daily and must successfully complete all training elements in order to graduate.

This physically and mentally intense 18 week academy prepares firefighters for a career with Lincoln Fire & Rescue. Candidates who complete the recruit academy, will earn Firefighter I Certification as well as receive training in technical rescue, hazardous materials and EMS.

Preparing for Recruit Training
Before recruit training begins, an orientation night is offered by Lincoln Fire & Rescue. This orientation is provided to the new recruit and their significant other/family to learn more about the training program and what to expect, as well as ideas on how to prepare for this intensive time.

There are times that the demands on the recruit may impact family members and/or partners. The department offers recruits a number of resources and support systems during this time.

** Dates are approximates and subject to change.

  • January 15th through February 9th (tentative)—Application period
  • March 5th and 6th —Written and PAT
  • April 10th and 11th—First round interviews with Captains
  • May 8th and 9th—Second round EMS oral board at Fire Administration
  • May 16-18—Third round interviews with Chiefs Despain and Borer
  • July—Background checks
  • Mid-August—Conditional job offers, psychological evaluations, medical evaulations
  • Late-August—Formal job offers and two-week notice to previous employers
  • Early to mid-September—Begin 18-week Recruit Academy

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