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'Angel' Firefighters Help Out Valentine


Lincoln Journal Star Article, February 17, 2006 - 'Angel' firefighters help out valentine

Responses from the article
From: Jim, Titusville, FL (02/25/2006)
Great job with the baloons, thanks Guys, Jim, Titusville fl, retired fronm SFD, Springfield Ma. 30 years on the "tip" now living in Florida
From: Robert, Greensboro, NC (02/22/2006)
Dear Sirs, I am a medicaly retired firefighter and just read the story about the truck crew helping the little boy with his valentine and just wanted to say GREAT JOB !!!! I miss firefighting and stories like that make me remember why I became a firefighter to help. Please pass this along to the crew because this is one of the BEST things I have heard in a while. Best regards and STAY SAFE !!

From: Mark, Lake Oswego, OR (02/20/2006)
Just read the post on the LAFD blog. Great job by Lincoln Fire and Rescue.

From: Judy, Mount Prospect, IL (02/18/2006)
I read about the Valentine rescue in our Chicago Tribune newspaper. What you did for little Joel Enriquez really moved me especially when I read about the weather conditions they faced. When my dad died, I sent up balloons for my young children and they still remember it 10 years later. Congratulations on your department's compassion and kindness!

From: Tom, Elmhurst, IL (02/18/2006)
Hello, I'm from the Chicago suburbs but read about your department and it's officers in the Chicago Tribune. A crew of yours freed a young kids valentine to his deceased mom and then helped him relaunch it. Can I just say that your department is a class act and a model for others in public service. You should all be proud of yourselves and hold your heads high for what was done for this young boy, I'm sure he won't ever forget. Stay safe and God bless.

From: Brent, Fairfax, VA (02/17/2006)
I just read a story from the AP wire about Captain Arnold Jensen and other firefighters in Lincoln who braved sleet, wind, and freezing cold to rescue Joel Enriquez' valentine to his mother, who died of cancer last fall, and to help him re-launch it. The story touched my heart, and I wanted to express my appreciation to the fire department and these firefighters and to tell them, "Well done!" I am glad to find this page, and if you have a way of conveying these words to them, I would greatly appreciate it.

From: Lee, Houston, TX (02/17/2006)
I would like to commend Capt. Jensen and his crew for what they did for young Joel Enriquez. It is good to know that there are still people who care enough to help a child, that they do not know, who is trying to cope with the loss of a parent. It was a wonderful thing they did and I'm sure Joel and his family will never forget the kindness that was shown by those wonderful men. I don't know anyone involved, in fact I live in Houston, Texas, but I just had to write and thank them from the bottom of my heart.

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