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Feedback from Residents


Dear Captain Finke,

My name is Nate. I am the owner of the van that burned down this morning on SW 14th Street.

I just wanted to pass along thanks from me and my wife to you and your crew for your professionalism in handling our emergency.

I appreciated everything about the way you handled it. I know you’re just doing your job, but I hope that you know how much it means to us. You guys brought professionalism, respect, and a sense of calmness to a very scary and stressful situation for my wife and me. Obviously, losing a vehicle stinks. But, you guys made it a little bit easier to swallow with your willingness to answer my questions and talk with me about the situation.

I want you to know that I called the administrative office and talked to John Huff about how great you guys were and how thankful I am for all of your services to our community. I also called Chuck Schweitzer to say the same thing to him.

Thanks again! And please pass our thanks to the rest of your crew.



Fire & Rescue Department