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Date: 07/09/2007 08:46AM
Subject: Dustin Workman Funeral

I just wanted to thank all of you for your participation in the Dustin Workman funeral. It was a great turnout and a fitting tribute to a young man who died serving his country and ultimately all of us. Your respected organizations gave and gave and were respectful to the high standard that we were expecting. The services were represented by over 20 different fire and EMS agencies, 11 law enforcement agencies, hundreds of patriot riders, hundreds of citizens, several media organizations, several businesses, and several other public organizations. The funeral processional was 4 ˝ miles long and it was a large undertaking getting all of the different pieces of the puzzle into place. Several agencies spent many hours organizing different details, all of which were handled with the greatest respect in mind. It was a simple thing that everyone was asked to do and that was to honor an individual with your attendance. It is a great reminder to us all how great the spirit of the community truly is. Everyone’s participation was a reminder that one individual does matter and the organizations that you represent are staffed with the finest people. I cannot thank you enough for making our tribute an honorable event. You are the people that made it possible and I just wanted to say thank you.

Please pass this along

Alan Grell , Fire Chief
Greenwood , NE

Fire & Rescue Department