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Chief Wright,

The purpose of the communication to thank some of your employees.

One evening in August, I was completing my training to do home dialysis and as I was getting off the machine I didn't close a clamp on my catheter which resulted in air getting in which resulted in me passing out and being unresponsive for several seconds. 911 was called and I was transported to St. E's and ended up spending the night for observation.

The paramedics that responded need to be complimented on their quick response, professionalism, and the care that they showed toward me. Knowing that getting air into a person's blood stream can be extremely dangerous, I was sure I was going to die and didn't know why I wasn't already dead. On the way to the hospital, I remember asking, "Am I going to die?" which in looking back was a real stupid question because if I was going to die I would have already been dead. The paramedics answered, "No, not in our care." That took all my fear away as I believed them, and it made me feel safe knowing they would take care of me. It was the tone in their voice when they answered me that made me feel safe, not necessarily the answer.

I remember very little about that morning, but one of the things is apparently one of my shoes kept falling off, and one of them wanted to make sure that my shoe went with me to the hospital, which I thought was a nice personal touch.

The one thing that I really feel bad about is that I was throwing up and one of the guys was wiping my face, holding the bag, and holding an oxygen mask over my mouth. I don't know any person that would enjoy that man's job and I apologize for that, and of course, his response was nothing but professional.

This has turned out longer than I originally wanted, but I want to make sure that even though my situation was not as critical as most of the calls, I know that if I ever have to call 911 again (which I hope I never have to again) I will be in very good hands. Unfortunately I don't even know which station responded to the call for me to be able to thank them personally, so please do that for me.

Thank you for your time.


Fire & Rescue Department