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Award Recognition Program
Lincoln Fire & Rescue is proud of its employees and recognizes the efforts that they make that are above and beyond the call of duty through the award recognition program. This program provides an assortment of awards that can be presented to outstanding individuals.
Firefighter of the Month

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Firefighter of the Month is an award granted to an individual that has been nominated by another LFR employee for their dedication to LFR and community. This shall be awarded by a letter and their picture will be on the honor roll web site for that month.
Line of Duty Deaths
From its earliest beginnings members of the department have given their lives in unselfish acts of courage. Each day a firefighter goes to work, they recognize that they may be called upon to respond to situations that place them in harms way, and that their lives are at risk. This risk does not deter them from doing their job, and some pay the ultimate price. Let no one forget these members of the department who have answered their last alarm.
Clarence Protsman
May 25, 1890
Joseph Thornburg
May 25, 1890
John Curran
June 26, 1906
Mansfield Rohrbaugh
August 7, 1915
Neil Sommer
October 2, 1920
Albert Mook
February 18, 1941
Kenneth McKay
March 30, 1964
Harley Grasmick
April 1, 1981
Robert Gardner
July 4, 1982
Willis Leyden
October 9, 1987
Jack Bruns
June 3, 2001
Floyd Miller
August 8, 2002
Rick Cuba
March 13, 2003
Dave Luedtke
July 3, 2016, 2003
Matt Vonderfecht
August 24, 2017
Doug Wells Award
Bio: Doug was born in Lincoln, Nebraska on December 21, 1931 to Glenn and Pearl Wells. He attended Clinton Elementary, Whittier Junior High, and Lincoln High where he graduated in 1950. He attended the University of Nebraska where he played baseball. He married Marjorie Brazee on May 24, 1953 in Shelby, Nebraska. They had three children, Karen Wells (Doug) Cates, Kirk Wells, and Kent (Jill) Wells. They also had a grandson, step-grandson, and two granddaughters.

On January 1, 1954 he began his career with the Lincoln Fire Department. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 1962 and to Captain in 1964. He worked at many stations over the years and was the House Captain at Station #7 when he was promoted to District Chief, now known as Battalion Chief on February 2, 1983.

He managed the Lincoln Firefighter’s Midget Football Teams for many years. He retired as an Assistant Plant Manager at Lester Electric in 1988 where he had worked since 1964 and then from the Lincoln Fire Department July 5, 1992. Retirement never kept him away from a job he so loved. He visited Fire Stations often, for coffee and meals, some he ate and some he cooked. He never COULD turn down a good “mess”. He also helped put up the American flags with then Captain Eric Jones in the Bethany Business District for Memorial Day and also served on the Awards Committee as a Retiree. His loyalty to the job was fierce.

He was an avid bowler, golfer, and fished with many friends and family. He was a huge fan of the Boston Red Sox, Huskers and Northeast Rockets. He would tell you he spent his second childhood following his grandchildren playing sports; and fulfilled his own childhood dream of seeing the Red Sox play at Fenway Park in 2007.

His funeral was held here at the Firefighters Reception Hall on February 4, 2013. The AED that hangs on the East wall of the reception hall was purchased in his memory by the Lincoln Firefighters Benefit Association.

Bob Watton
Brady Papik
Dan Ripley
Andy McLaughlin
Medal of Valor
Medal of Valor An award granted to any uniformed member of the department for an act of outstanding bravery or heroism by which the member has demonstrated, in great degree, the characteristics of selflessness and personal courage above and beyond the call of duty under adverse conditions with the possibility of extreme personal risk. This act must have taken place while the firefighter was on duty. It will be presented in the form of a gold medal, certificate and ribbon bar.

Recipients of the Medal of Valor:

Date Name(s) Incident
January 1996 Shawn Podraza
Greg Contreras
House Fire
April 1996 Larry Nelson Trench Rescue
February 1997 Randy Bohaty
Carolyn Magor
House Fire
October 1997 Byron Yung
Todd Allen
House Fire
November 1998 Mike Mayfield
Scott Wiebe
House Fire
May 2002 Rick Klein
Ron Kennett
Mike Wright
Bob Borer
Guy Jones
Jeremy Hosek
Bassett Tower Rescue/Recovery, Bassett, NE
March 2003 Lee Peterson Van/tree rescue
March 2003 Scott Nydahl
Mark Eberspacher
Dennis Borchers
Jesse Theiler
Apartment Fire
February 2004 Rodney Ford
Kevin Searle
House Fire
November 6, 2004 Ron Trouba Jr
Mike Selvage
Scott Pierson
Koren Erickson
Pete Eppens
Alan Crist
Carl Campbell
Leo Benes
Dan Duncan
House Fire
May 9, 2005 Dan Duncan
Mark Sullivan
House Fire
November 17, 2006 Mike Mayfield
Matthew Dowell
Jeff Draper
Joe Millard
John Schmidt
Andrew Garivay
Mike Novak
Dennis Miller
Terry Bouma
Ken Gaughran
Nancy Engelbrechet
John Christen
Ron Carlson
Aaron Pospisil
Mark Rist
Steve Dolezal
Dave Backhus
Jaimie Domeier
Annette Woehrer
Dennis Clark
Steve Novak
Alan Crist
Ron Trouba
Gregg Fisher
Mark Kargol
John Massie
Jay Oligmueller
Wesleyan Fraternity Fire
December 14, 2006 Jeff Leaf
Brad Thavenet
Steve Saathoff
Roger Bonin
Todd Dondlinger
Dan Krause
Arnold Jensen
John Bills
Tony Chapp
Jerry Smith
George Gasper
Mark Sullivan
Ken Bothwell
Jeremy Gegg
Damon Wirth
Apartment Fire

Award of Merit
An award granted to any employee of the department, based on performance, assigned duties, contributions, and achievements, those duties being carried out in an outstanding manner, beyond normal department standards. These acts must have taken place while the personnel was on duty. It will be presented in the form of a pewter medal, certificate and ribbon bar.

Life Saving Award
An award granted to any member, on or off duty, who saves a life by exercising sound judgment and direct action, performed under conditions requiring bravery or exposure to danger or by performance above and beyond the normal call of duty. This shall be presented in the form of a certificate and ribbon bar.

Unit Service Award
An award granted to each individual who performed with a unit which exhibited exceptional professional skill and conduct during a coordinated action. It will be presented in the form of a certificate to each individual, and a plaque for the fire station.

Phoenix Award
An award presented to each member of a crew involving an EMS call that resulted in a life saved. A save will be verified by EMS Inc. staff.

Firefighter of the Year
An award granted to an individual that represents LFR in a professional manner, has a positive attitude, is involved in community service, and understands and accepts the responsibility for accomplishments of the Lincoln Fire & Rescue Mission. This will be presented in the form of a plaque.

Firefighter of the Month
An award granted to an individual that has been nominated by another LFR employee for their dedication to LFR and community. This shall be awarded by a letter and their picture will be on the honor roll web site for that month.

Mayors Award of Excellence
Each month the firefighter that receives the award for that month may have their name submitted to the Mayors office to be nominated for the Mayors Award of Excellence. All LFR personnel are encouraged to submit the name of an LFR employee to the Mayor's committee, that they think is deserving of this award.

Citizens Certificate of Merit
Given to the citizens who have unselfishly rendered their services in an emergency.

Outstanding Service Award
An award granted to any member of the department for outstanding performance, contributions above normal fire department duties and extraordinary dedication to Lincoln Fire & Rescue. This award will be presented in the form of a certificate.

Outside Agency Award
In the event that an outside agency would like to present an award to a firefighter, the award committee shall choose one firefighter from the list of firefighters who have received the firefighter of the month award for that year. This name shall be submitted to the outside agency.

Annual Awards Ceremony
Each year Lincoln Fire & Rescue holds an Award Ceremony for the previous year. This ceremony awards Fire Department employee's and citizens in the community.

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