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Pipe & Drum Corp Logo
Established in September 2002
Pipe & Drum Corp Logo

Mission Statement: The goal of the Lincoln Fire & Rescue Pipe & Drum Corp is to represent and promote pride and professionalism within the Lincoln Fire & Rescue Service.

Functions: The Lincoln Fire & Rescue Pipe & Drum Corp will act in unison with the LFR Honor Guard in providing support when requested for parades, funerals, ceremonial events, and memorials or functions.

Current Roster
Pipe Major:

Peter Eppens, Captain/Paramedic


Scott Patterson, Band Instructor
John Hibberd, Captain
Stuart Westburg, Civilian
Dave McCleery, Civilian


Ashley Eppens, Civilian
Eric Schoen, Retired City Fire Inspector
Chris Jones, Firefighter/Paramedic
Taylan Schoen, Civilian
Janice Westburg, Civilian

Rules & Code of Conduct

  1. Membership in the Lincoln Fire & Rescue Pipe & Drum Corp is a privilege and not a right.
  2. All members of the Lincoln Fire & Rescue Pipe & Drum Corp will conduct themselves in a professional manner when performing and in uniform.
  3. Members uniforms will be maintained by each individual and kept in a condition that promotes the professionalism and standards of the group, and meets the discretion of the Pipe Major.
  4. Practices will be held twice a week and all members will attempt to make at least one practice a week. Absence from practices that exceeds more than a two month period with no justifiable explanation may be grounds for dismissal from the group.
  5. Every member will maintain his or hers pipes or drums, and keep them in good working order, cleaned and polished to represent the professionalism of the group.
Uniforms shall consist of the following:
  • Kilt (Scotland's National Modern) to the sett: 13 oz - 8 yd kilt
  • Kilt Hose (off white)
  • Flashes (Green)
  • Pipers belt (black)
  • Pipers belt buckle (silver tone)
  • Sporran (Black Muskrat MSF-1009)
  • Sporran Belt & Chain (black)
  • Kilt Pin
  • Cap badge (black watch)
  • Glengarry (plain for pipers)
  • Glengarry (diced for drummers)
  • Shoes (black plain toe)
  • Shirts - short and long sleeve white dress shirts with single left breast pocket. Lincoln Fire & Rescue patch sewn one inch from the shoulder centered on the left sleeve. Lincoln Fire & Rescue Pipe & Drum Corp patch sewn one inch from the shoulder centered on the right sleeve.
  • Bagpipes: Pettigrew KPBS2 Nickel imitation - nickel slides, and Dunbar chanter with little mac valve
  • Canmore pipe bag with zipper (synthetic)
  • Cords - silk - dark green
  • Green bag cover with green fringe
  • Pipers case

2008 Memorial Service for Fallen Firefighters of 2007
Colorado Springs, CO
September 20, 2008
Honored 137 Firefighters that had Fallen in the Line of Duty from Canda and the U.S.

Pipe & Drum Corp Pipe & Drum Corp Pipe & Drum Corp Pipe & Drum Corp

Pipe & Drum Corp Pipe & Drum Corp Pipe & Drum Corp

Upcoming Events

Performed or Supported at the Following Past Events
Funeral for Captain Rick Cuba
Lincoln Memorial Cemetery
March 17, 2003
Memorial Day Ceremony
Wyuka Cemetery
May 2003
Nebraska State Firefighters
Memorial Dedication
Wyuka Cemetery
May 2003
Patriots Day Ceremony
Auld Center Antelope Park
September 2003
Nebraska State Patrol
Recruit Graduation Ceremony
Cornhusker Hotel
January 2004
Firefighter Funeral
Grand Island, NE
February 16, 2004
Firefighter Funeral
Wood River, NE
February 19, 2004
Wyuka Heritage Foundation Dinner
Embassy Suites Hotel
March 25, 2004
American Cancer Society Relay for Life
Doane, NE
April 30, 2004
Bethany In Bloom Parade
Lincoln, NE
May 1, 2004
Memorial Day Ceremony
Wyuka Cemetery
May 2004
Nebraska State Law Enforcement
Memorial Ceremony
Grand Island, NE
May 15, 2004
Veteran's Memorial Garden Dedication Ceremony
Antelope Park
Lincoln, NE
June 12, 2004
Seward Fourth of July Parade
(Best of Show Winner!)
Seward, NE
July 4, 2004
American Cancer Society Relay for Life
Salt Dog Stadium
Lincoln, NE
July 9, 2004
World Day on the Mall
Nebraska State Office Building
Lincoln, NE
September 9, 2004
Patriots Day Ceremony
Veterans Memorial Garden
Lincoln, NE
September 10, 2004
POW/MIA Recognition Day Ceremony
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE
September 16, 2004

Lincoln Fire & Rescue Pipe & Drum Corp.
Upcoming Performances
** To Be Announced **

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