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Lincoln Fire & Rescue Station #1 was built in 1966 and is located at 1801 Q Street. At station #1 you will find some of the busiest companies in Lincoln, and the fire chief, assistant chief, battalion chiefs, and administration personnel. Station 1 is the home to the Lincoln Fire & Rescue Museum, which is comprised of many different artifacts that have been donated by retired firefighters and members of the community. The museum is a great place to educate visitors about the history of the Department and the huge advancements in the way todays firefighters respond to and mitigate emergencies.

Engine #1 was placed into service in the year 2000. Engine #1 is an E-ONE 1250 GPM capacity pumper with 500 gallon tank. Engine #1 responded to 3,013 calls in 2012 to include medical emergencies, hazardous material incidents, and fire response. Engine #1 responds to an area that is 2.82 square miles of the most densely populated area in the city with 7,949 residents per square mile2. Major thoroughfares in this area include: A Street, O Street, 9th Street, 10th Street, 16th Street, 17th Street, 27th Street and Antelope Valley Parkway. Station 1 has many types of structures in its response area to include single family residences, high rise structures, and the various types of structures on University of Nebraska campus. Engine #1 has been nicknamed “THE MOVER” for many years due to the large amount of calls ran each and every day.

Truck #1 was placed into service in the year 2010. Truck #1 is a 105’ Smeal aerial apparatus. Truck #1 is one of four aerial apparatus in Lincoln and responds to one quarter of the city. Truck 1 responded to 1,471 incidents in 2012 to include fire response, vehicle extrication, and technical rescue. Technical rescue involves response to high angle rope rescue, low angle rope rescue, trench collapse, and confined space rescue. Truck #1 has been nicknamed “THE WRECKING CREW” due to the many specialized tools and equipment used for breaking and breaching.

In 2012 ARV1 was placed into service. The ARV is short for Alternate Response Vehicle. ARV1 is utilized for responding to non-emergent calls. The goal of LF&R is to utilize this vehicle to save the tax payers fuel cost and wear and tear on the front line apparatus. ARV1 responded to 49 calls in 2012. A typical call for ARV1 is an emergency where the specialty equipment from Engine #1 or Truck #1 will not be needed to mitigate the emergency.

Medic #21 is housed at Fire Station #1. Medic #21 is a back-up Medic Unit that is placed into service when all frontline ambulances are dispatched to emergencies at the same time.

Station #1 is also responsible for housing, maintaining and responding with 3 different types of specialty trailers across the city to include: trench rescue trailer, water rescue trailer and decontamination trailers. These trailers have all the specialized equipment needed to respond to the different emergencies throughout the city. In 2012 Station 1 apparatus and personnel responded to a total of 5,495 calls.

Station #1 responds to many emergencies every day, but we believe that educating the public is an important part of our job. Due to the many different type of apparatus and museum at station #1 we provide many tours every week, allowing us the opportunity to educate people about fire safety. The crews of Station #1 can always be found taking the time to educate the students in the schools in our response area, installing smoke detectors in homes were needed, or reading to children at our local children’s museum or public library.

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