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Lincoln Fire Station 14
May 20, 2002

Meeting called to order at 2002 by President Densberger.

Roll call answered by Crete, Firth, Lincoln, Malcolm, Pleasant Dale, Raymond, Southeast, Waverly Fire, Emergency Management, 911, NE Forest Service and the Lincoln/Lancaster Health Department.

Minutes accepted as read.

Treasurers report read and approved.

The web page is up and running with not many bells and whistles yet. Some pictures of the executive board and the newsletter will be available on the web page also. Still need suggestions on a mission statement. Email info to Dan Wright at LFD. dwright @ Fire School went well 1802 attended. Preregistration worked well according to those involved. The NSVFA convention will be in Valentine this year. The back up 911 center at Station 14 is still being worked on.

EMS training still on track for June with LFD at SCC. The subject will be Respiratory management. The county address committee is looking at assigning the addressing to be done by the County Engineers. They would like the Rural Fire departments to help them with putting up street signs. Bill Meehan is doing much better and is back to work part time. Eric Rasmussen wanted to remind everyone to get their cost share info in.

6/23 Kearney NE Fire Dept. Antique fire engine muster

6/29 Southeast fires biennial extrication workshop, Lancaster event center

7/13 Raymond street dance.

9/14 Tabletop exercise Southern Lancaster county

Crete 6 fire 20 rescue, Firth 2 fire 7 rescue, Lincoln 56 fire 1,044 EMS Malcolm 2 fire 4 rescue 2 mutual aid 1 training, Pleasant Dale 6 fire 7 rescue, Raymond 2 fire 7 rescue 3 mutual aid, Waverly 19 fire 24 rescue

Motion to adjourn @ 2054

******Next meeting June 17th Waverly Fire******

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Lincoln/Lancaster County Mutual Aid