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Waverly Fire Station
June 17, 2002

Meeting called to order at 2000 by President Densberger.

Roll call answered by Bennet, Crete, Douglas, Firth, Greenwood, Lincoln, Malcolm, Pleasant Dale, Southeast, Waverly Fire, Emergency Management, and the Lincoln/Lancaster Health Department.

Minutes accepted as read.

No treasurers report


The webpage is up and running. Would like to add the M.A. agreement to the site as well as the bylaws when the M.A. is updated. Still need suggestions on a mission statement. Also need pictures from agencies rosters ETC. The mission statement is on the site now as well as the newsletter and the calendar of meeting dates and where they are. See the banner on the site as to who to contact for changes. The WMD training on 5/31 went well. but the 5/13 EMS training with LFD only 3 people were able to show up for. They will try to have another session in August or September.


Per Jim Densberger this years Family Safety Day will be Sunday 10/22 from 1 to 5 PM at the Lancaster County event center. Need people to help out. Contact Jim D with info on help and what you will bring.

There was a discussion on the Norris radio. Norris is remodeling their bus barn where the radio is housed and would like the equipment moved or removed. A proposal was made to either relocate the radio in the Norris bus barn or if that isn't possible retire the equipment to Firth. Firth and the other SE area departments are looking at communications options. A question was asked that if 14th and Military is up and running do we need to keep the south tower.


7/13 Raymond street dance.
Bennet FF1 class July/August contact Dave May if interested 432-2000
Household Hazardous waste collection first weekend in August 9 AM- 3 PM Wesleyen Campus
9/14 Tabletop exercise Southern Lancaster county

Bennet 3 rescue, Crete 2 fire 23 rescue, Douglas 3 rescue, Firth 4 rescue, Lincoln 32 fire 995 EMS, Malcolm 19 rescue 1 MA 1 train 1 special, Pleasant Dale 1 fire 7 rescue Waverly 18 fire 18 rescue

Motion to adjourn @ 2048
******Next meeting July 15 SCC/LFD Classroom******

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Lincoln/Lancaster County Mutual Aid