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Waverly Fire Station
JULY 15, 2002

Meeting called to order at 2000 by President Densberger.

Roll call answered by Ashland, Crete, Firth, Lincoln, Malcolm, Pleasant Dale, Raymond Southeast, Southwest, 911, Emergency Management,State Fire Marshals Office and the Lincoln/Lancaster Health Department.

Minutes accepted as read.

Treasurers report read seconded and approved.

The web page is moving around. Dan Wright says it may end up to look as if it is on the Emergency Management page. Firth says they would prefer the Norris base stay where it is. Gregg Fisher from Southwest thinks we should move ahead on a new radio system. 39.98 is very crowded when more than one incident is going on. People talking on top of each other ETC. I believe Doug will have some discussion on this with everyone next meeting

911 will not be able to air any patient names over the radio due to confidentiality. They will give the name of the people living at the residence though. There have been some problems with the Norris link. It was down on July 3rd and again on August 12th possibly after a lightening strike. Shafer's repaired it after the 12th but Hickman is still not getting their first page. I will contact Shafer to look at it again on the 15th. There are some changes with the State Environmental agency on burn permits. Some limitations rules and types of burns such as Agriculture, land clearing, training, asbestos contents ETC. There should be a letter sent to your departments. The question was asked if Mutual aid can stop fireworks sales in the county before the fourth of July. This is unlikely to happen through mutual aid. Malcolm has some Survive air bottles and air packs for sale. Should be posted on the web page.

9/14 Tabletop exercise Southern Lancaster county
9/22 Family Safety Day Lancaster county event center CALLS

Ashland 11 fire 2 rescue, Crete 8 fire 17 rescue, Firth 4 rescue, Lincoln 32 fire 995 EMS, Malcolm 9 fire 4 rescue 1 MA, Pleasant Dale 3 fire 2 rescue, Raymond 5 fire 9 rescue 2 MA, Southwest 4 fire 13 rescue2 Hazmat 1 Swat

Motion to adjourn @ 2105
******Next meeting August 19, Greenwood Fire******

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Lincoln/Lancaster County Mutual Aid