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OCTOBER 21,2002

Meeting called to order by Sec/Treas Phillips at 2000

Roll call answered by Bennet, Crete, Firth, Hallam, Lincoln, Pleasantdale, Southeast, NE Forest Service, Emergency Management, 911, and the Health Department

Minutes from the last meeting at Lincoln Station 14 read and approved.

Treasurers report from October read. Motion to approve as read by Crete second by Southeast.

Dan has received Some calls on the EMT-B class through Lincoln. It will probably happen after January 1. Doug Ahlberg introduced Doug Ostergaard from D & D Communications. He brought some UHF radios for us to look at and gave us an idea of the proposal he made for Waverly that could work for the whole county if we decide on UHF. Our low band antenna should be moved from the City/County building tower to the 14th and Military tower in the next month.

Doug is receiving $ 3,470,000 of the State of Nebraskaís First Responder money to be used for communications equipment. A committee was formed with representatives from LFR, Mutual Aid, LPD, LSO and UNLPD. This will be used for a portable trailer, tower and repeaters for every radio frequency used by these agencies that can be set up anywhere in case of failure of the existing towers or a need for more specific coverage. They will also be equipped with 20 handhelds so it can be taken and used at large incidents. The money will also be used for repeaters at the hospitals so handhelds will be able to transmit from inside the hospital, PPE and monitoring equipment for the Law Enforcement agencies and the Health Department that donít normally have them. The Bureau of Fire Prevention has also requesting a robot loaded with monitoring devices.

Doug also said that the First Responder money for 2003 isnít out of the Senate yet. This should include about 11 to 14 million for Lancaster County. The Leops are starting to be delivered. Doug also brought the Mobile Command Post for everyone to look at. Eric Rasmussen reported on the NSVFA convention. Next years convention at South Sioux City hosted by Dakota City. The new President is Buck Bassett from Ogallala. Eric says the Forest Service is a prime prospect for being eliminated due to the UNL budget cuts. They may need our help down the road to stay in business. Fire School preregistration again this year will be held from March 15th through April 1. Cost to members $65.00 Non members $ 80.00 Eric will keep us updated.

Household Hazardous waste collection State Fair Grounds 0900-1500 11/16

Mini Fire School Sandy creek/Fairfield NE will have lots of vendors 11/23

TMA Mini Fireschool January 18 2003

Midwinter Conference February CALLS

Crete 8 fire 42 Firth 2 Fire 4 Rescue, 2 Mutual aid, Hallam 3 Fire 5 Rescue Lincoln 32 Fire 979 Medical , 58 Hazmat, 99 Public service assist, 135 Non emergency

Motion to adjourn 2053


Fire & Rescue Department

Lincoln/Lancaster County Mutual Aid