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NOVEMBER 18 ,2002

Meeting called to order by President Densberger at 2001

Roll call answered by Bennet, Crete, Hallam, Lincoln, Malcolm Pleasantdale, Southeast, Waverly, NE Forest Service, Emergency Management, and 911

Minutes from the last meeting at Firth read amended and approved.

Treasurers report read. Motion to approve as read by Crete second by the NE Forest Service.

Jim Densberger was the Mutual Aid representative for the First responder money. Nine CO detectors will alos be purchased out of that money for the nine departments in Lancaster county. Lincoln Fire is trying to rework their involvement as a training agency to do the EMT-B class. Dan will know by January if this will be a go or not.

Several motions were made as this was the meeting to make any changes for the next year. This year alot of money was spent on maintaining the radio system. A motion was made and approved to take another $ 1200.00 out of the savings certificate to get all of our outstanding bills taken care of before the end of the year. Another motion was made and approved to raise the Communications dues from $85.00 to $100.00 per department using the communications system. Due to a drop in departments being dispatched out of Lancaster county we were ending up with about $35.00 left over to pay our bills most years. This will give us a little more money to cover maintenance. We will review this next year with (hopefully) the implementation of the new radio system. Eric Rasmussen will be attending a meeting on 11/22 on money that is available through the Farm bill. Eric isnít exactly sure what the money will be earmarked for and will keep us updated. The bill is able to be viewed on the USDA website.

Bill Newman from VFIS insurance visited our meeting and spoke about a program that they and the University are sponsoring for the education and training of Rural Fire board members. They will be presenting it over the NETV network. They will have a live audience in Lincoln and it will be downlinked to all the County extension agency offices for people involved in Rural Fire boards to participate and interact with questions and feedback. They hope to present this on either February 25th or 27th from 1900-2200. A motion was put forth to purchase our yearly Christmas treats for the 911 Center dispatchers. The motion was passed unanimously. Eric brought up the new application process for the National Fire Academy. if you need help with the application you can contact Ken Scurto with Southeast Fire of Dan Wright with Lincoln Fire. Both can help.

A motion was made by Crete to nominate Jim Densberger for President of the Mutual Aid Association. Seconded by Southeast. Passed by unanimous decision. A motion was made by Crete to nominate Lynn Reifschneider for Vice President of the Mutual Aid Association. Seconded by Southeast. Passed by unanimous decision. A motion was made by Southeast to nominate Steve Phillips for Secretary / Treasurer of the Mutual Aid Association. Seconded by Pleasantdale. Passed by unanimous decision.

Mini Fire School Sandy creek High School / Fairfield NE will have lots of vendors 11/23 contact Eric Rasmussen for details

TMA Mini Fireschool January 18 2003 $10.00 preregistration. Contact Eric Rasmussen for details

Midwinter Conference February in Grand Island. Flyer should be mailed out to departments by December 1st

Crete 12 Fire 31 Rescue Hallam 1 Fire 4 Rescue Malcolm 6 Rescue Pleasant Dale 2 Fire 4 Rescue Southeast 4 Fire 1 Rescue Waverly 17 Fire 35 Rescue

Motion to adjourn 2100


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Lincoln/Lancaster County Mutual Aid