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JANUARY 20 ,2003

Meeting called to order by President Densberger at 2000

Roll call answered by Clatonia, Crete, Firth Hallam, Lincoln, Malcolm Palmyra, Pleasantdale, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Health Dept, Emergency Management, and 911

Minutes from the last meeting at the SCC/LFR classroom read and approved.

Treasurers report read. Motion to approve as read by Crete second by Firth.

Doug and Jim said the State is still reviewing the requests for funds for the First responder money from around the state. Doug said that they were supposed to have information back by 1/15. Still waiting to hear from NEMA. Doug said that the trailers for the decon units were here and the decon units themselves should be here shortly. . Doug said the meeting with the Rural board members and the Chiefs went well. He has the report back on the towers needed for coverage for the whole county. 7 50-80 ft towers will be needed or 5 100ft towers to allow conversation by handheld covering the entire county. Also looking at interface with the surrounding counties radio system.

Doug reported that Lancaster County Emergency Management will be doing the Community Emergency Response team training for the entire state of Nebraska. This is a 20 hour class. There will be a 3 day program in Independence for instructors. Doug says being an instructor pays $25.00 per hour and he is looking for help. Doug won the bid for the old state command post. He says it will set 6 dispatchers. He will also be keeping the old smaller command post. Ron Erickson brought the Health Department's new Hazmat response vehicle for everyone to look at.


Motion to adjourn at 2052 by Southwest 2nd by Firth.


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Lincoln/Lancaster County Mutual Aid