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FEBRUARY 17 ,2003

Meeting called to order by President Densberger at 2003

Roll call answered by Ceresco, Crete, Lincoln, Malcolm, Pleasantdale, Raymond, Southeast, Health Dept, Emergency Management, NE Forest Service, Star Care 5 and 911

Minutes from the last meeting at Hallam read and approved.

Treasurers report read. Motion to approved as read by Southeast second by Pleasantdale.

Doug says he has received all but a few of the radio surveys. He also has a schematic of radio coverage for the county. The new big command post is having the radios installed and getting new tires. The Norris link was down again. Schafers thinks they may've broken a power cable when they were doing maintenance on it . I don't expect to see a bill for this. They were already on the way to fix it when I called them.

Eric Rasmussen reported on a bill in the legislature to allow the ability to put a late fee on burn permits. If you respond to someone who has started burning without a permit the fire department would have the option of issuing one at that time but it would cost the person burning $500.00. Eric talked about Fire School preregistration. You can got to the NSVFA website and clink on the link to Fire School preregistration and it will come up with a list of classes and a preregistration form that can be printed and copied. Preregistration will be from 3/15/03 to 4/30/03. The preregistration will be on a first come first serve basis so make sure your 3 class choices are listed. Doug reported that NEMA had 81 requests for the first responder money and hadn't reviewed them yet. He also said that the amount of money available has decreased by 1,000,000.00. He said the money went to the state but he doesn't know what for.

Dennis Hohbein is the new State Fire Marshal. Lincoln would like to hold mutual aid training the third Thursday in March, most likely at the SCC/LFR classroom. It was reported that some CO-OP's may be putting locks on their anhydrous tanks.

*** An update to the 2003 meetings the August meeting will be in Crete and the November meeting will be at the EOC/911 center.


Motion to adjourn at 2041 by Crete 2nd by Ceresco.


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