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APRIL 21 ,2003

Meeting called to order by President Densberger at 2000

Roll call answered by Crete, Douglas, Firth, Hallam, Hickman, Lincoln, Malcolm, Pleasantdale, Southeast, Southwest, Health Dept, Emergency Management, NE Forest Service and 911 Minutes from the last meeting at Malcolm read and approved. Treasurers report read. Motion to approved as read by Forest Service second by Southeast .

Doug says a big thankyou to Dave West from SWRFD for doing the grant for us. Only 13 departments got in their requests on time. 592,707 is the grant request at this time. Request for the money for a repeater for all five towers in the new system was part of the grant request also. Julie from 911 has heard from Waverly, Bennet, Clatonia, Cortland, Hallam, Eagle and Malcolm on how the want the backup to their normal paging sequence set up. Eric Rasmussen says the $10,000.00 life insurance for volunteers has passed. As of last week Eric says the appropriations committee has restored 50% of the funding for the NE Forest Service. He also said the cost share dollars are on hold for a while due to the congress passing the budget 5 months late. Now is also the time to order your fire prevention materials from the NE Forest Service.

Doug Ahlberg said all 6 decon trailers have been delivered. They are presently stocked with 1800 re-dress kits. In the next 30 days all the rest of the portable decon equipment is scheduled to be delivered. Doug wanted to remind that each fire department agreed to provide firefighters to be trained in decon procedures. Doug also said the radios and power supplies have been installed in the large command post. It need six new wheels and it should be in service. The Health department has hired Dan Hughes as their Emergency response coordinator. Doug says a company will be here on 5/28 demonstrating automatic triage equipment. This will take place at the county extension office at 0800. Crete has applied for a grant for a fire prevention trailer.

The state arson investigators conference will be held in Lincoln this year. They are looking for house to be used for training on investigating arson scenes. Contact Chuck Schweitzer with the Lincoln Fire Inspectors if you have a house available. Doug is putting the county resource manual on CD contact him if you are interested in having one.

*** An update to the 2003 meetings the August meeting will be in Crete and the November meeting will be at the EOC/911 center.


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CALLS Motion to adjourn at 2045 by Crete 2nd by Firth.


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