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JUNE 16, 2003

Meeting called to order by President Densberger at 2001 Roll call answered by Ceresco, Crete, Firth, Hallam, Lincoln, Malcolm, Palmyra, Pleasantdale, Southeast, Southwest, Waverly, Health Dept, Emergency Management, NE Forest Service, and 911 Minutes from the last meeting at Pleasantdale Fire read and approved. Treasurers report read. Motion to approved as read by Southeast second by Lincoln.

Doug reported on the Hometown security committee. He said that Larry Hudkins from the County Board who is also on the committee made a resolution to be forwarded to the County Board that they should finance an interoperable communications system county wide. This would possibly be funded using keno funds. 3 cities in Nebraska received Fire service grants. None in our area. Chuck Schweitzer is still looking for a house for the arson seminar. One of the decon trailers is at LFR station 11. The rest should be here by the end of the month. Doug is looking for storage locations. He will be sending a letter to the Chiefs and Rural Board presidents looking for volunteers to man them. The class to operate them will be between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 hours. Doug also would like to use some of the grant money to fund 2 county Hazmat teams. One for the north and one for the south half of the county. He would like to have 3 volunteers from each dept. Sandy Ramsey came to the meeting with Doug. She is doing the studies of the critical infrastructure in each county fire district. After the study is done each dept. can apply to the state to purchase the equipment to protect their critical infrastructure. This funds will come from the $14,000,000 allocated for homeland security. The Forest Service has funding from the legislature for the next 2 years. An interim study will be done to determine where they will be based administratively. Palmyra has 2 thermal imagers and are willing to bring them if need on a mutual aid.

The Dept of Justice funds paid for all the Law enforcement biohazard protection supplies. The LFR Bureau of Fire prevention is also getting a robot. Each of the county fire depts will also be getting gas detection devices. A portable communications trailer is also being purchased. This will have a tower and repeaters to give it a 15 mile range (radius). Will have the capability to use any frequency that is used by any city or county agency. Emergency Management is also willing to bring their 2 command post to anyone's meeting for show and tell

*** An update to the 2003 meetings the August meeting will be in Crete and the November meeting will be at the EOC/911 center.

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