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JULY 21 ,2003

Meeting called to order by President Densberger at 2000

Roll call answered by Ceresco, Crete, Hallam, Lincoln, Malcolm, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Valparaiso, Waverly, Health Dept., Emergency Management, NE Forest Service, Star Care and 911

Minutes from the last meeting at the SCC/LFR classroom read and approved.

Treasurers report read. Motion to approve as read by Ceresco second by Southeast.

A motion was made to pay a bill presented to repair the Link on the tower at 84th and South street. The site first belonged to the old Southeast EMS group and when they went out of business ownership was passed on to Eastern Ambulance/Rural/Metro. Since none of these entities are doing business any longer in Lincoln/Lancaster county the motion was made to include that Mutual Aid will maintain the paging equipment used by our members at 84th & South. The motion was passed unanimously. There is no update on the grant for the radio system. Doug has sent out the letter about training to use the decon trailers. So far only 4 have been returned. All six trailers are in set up and ready to go.

Doug reported that the second half of the 2003 Homeland security money is to be released to a sum of $1,229,699.99. This money can only be spent on the nine departments that are based in Lancaster county. Jim Densberger and Steve Phillips will be attending the meetings. It looks like this might be a good chance to get started on using the money for the UHF radio system. There will be more details available at the August mutual aid meeting. Doug says the CERT classes are going well and would like to schedule some classes in the schools in the Mutual Aid departments districts.

The health Department has received some extra money and will be purchasing some 39.98 radios for direct contact with the Rural departments. The Health Department will be sending some people to the HAZMAT chemistry classes. The National Fire Academy has an outreach class that they will be scheduling, also some training in Bioagent operations Tech is coming up. Eric Rasmussen reports that Rick Grauerholz is still in Bergan Mercy in Omaha recovering from bypass surgery and a bad follow-up infection. Rick has taught many of us in the past we should all wish him goodluck. Waverly Fire and Waverly Rescue have now merged into one department. 911 handed out a CD with all the county map pages to each department that was present at the meeting.

LFR Mutual Aid training dates:

Meeting adjourned at 2105


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Lincoln/Lancaster County Mutual Aid