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AUGUST 18 ,2003

Meeting called to order by President Densberger at 2003

Roll call answered by Bennet, Crete, Hallam, Lincoln, Malcolm, Pleasantdale, Southeast, Southwest, Waverly, Health Dept, Emergency Management, NE Forest Service, and 911 Minutes from the last meeting at Raymond Fire read and approved.

Treasurers report read. Motion to approved as read by Crete second by Lincoln.

A motion was made and passed unanimously to Pay the new owner of the South tower Rick Pickel the tower rent needed for our antenna. Darrell Best will still be doing the maintenance as needed on the South tower. Doug Ahlberg still needs replies from many departments on members willing to take the decon class to man the new decon trailers. A report was made updating the radio system for the 9 departments in Lancaster county able to use the FEMA grant money. Another meeting was held on 9/10/03 for representatives of the 9 departments by 911 to present a proposal that we go to an 800 MHz conventional system rather than 400 MHz. Doug also found out on 9/10/03 that we are going to receive $535,000 of the $ 750,000 that we applied for through Southwest Fire from the FIRE act grant. We will need to make a decision soon as to what we are going to do. This will give us even more options than the $255,000 we are getting from the FEMA grant. Nine gas detectors have also now been ordered for the 9 County departments from the 2002 money. Doug says we are supposed to be in line for 2004 money also but he doesn't know how long the Homeland security money will last.

Eric Rasmussen reports that an interim study is being done on where to base the NE Forest Service administratively. He says this will be ongoing through the fall. He also said that Rick Grauerholz is home and is on the mend. Eric reported that 2 wildland firefighters were killed in Idaho in the last 2 months. The Health Department is looking to purchase some Hazmat PPE, monitoring equipment and some antidote kits for mutual aid departments. This would start with departments that transport patients first. They also talked of speaking with the hospitals about housing the decon trailers in the hospital parking garages. Doug Ahlberg says that he has received another $207,000 to continue teaching CERT classes.

The health department warned to be careful of exposure to West Nile. Beth one of their people who does alot of the mosquito trapping has been diagnosed with it. The Health Department will also bring a Decon trailer to show everyone at the next meeting.


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CALLS Motion to adjourn at 2056 by Southeast 2nd by Bennet .


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