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OCTOBER 20 ,2003

Meeting called to order by President Densberger at 2000 Roll call answered by Bennet, Ceresco, Clatonia, Crete, Eagle, Firth, Hallam, Hickman, Lincoln, Malcolm, NE Air Guard, Pleasantdale, Raymond Southeast, Southwest, Waverly, Valparaiso, Health Dept, Emergency Management, NE Forest Service, Starcare and 911 Minutes from the last meeting at Southeast Fire read and approved.

Treasurers report read. Motion to be approved as read by Crete second by Southeast .

Doug Ahlberg thanked everyone that showed up for the exercise. Rain prevented doing everything they wanted but it still went well. Doug also thanked everyone who got their packets for the 2004 money turned in on time. He also brought information and a demo packet of quickclot for everyone to look at.

New business was directed towards the radio project. Dave West and Jim Densberger attended a meeting with Julie from 911 on 9/26/03 and all of them attended a meeting with Mike Jeffries from the State on 9/29/03 on getting the needed frequencies. The radio shop will have a representative at all meetings concerning the radio project. 911 is scheduling meetings with the out of county departments that are part of the project. A meeting was held with Valparaiso and Ceresco on 10/1/03. They will also attend the Saunders county Mutual aid meeting on 10/28/03 and a meeting with Pleasantdale on 10/29/03. The Radio shop is analyzing towers sites for the paging system and checking for the 800 coverage. 911 needs maps from the out of county departments of their response areas. Dave West says that the representative from NEMA says they need hard cash in the amount of $4559.77 for the 10% match from each department. The amount of radios to be issued to each department are 1! base 10 mobiles 20 handhelds and 28 pagers. Make note of what your departments additional needs are. We can possibly include theses amounts in the bid to get a better price. A committee needs to be appointed with all departments involved having one member on the committee. This person should be the one who attends both of the vendor demonstrations at Southwest fire on 11/25/03 and 12/08/03.

Emergency Management is forming a training committee for Homeland Security. The agencies represented will be LFR Mutual Aid, LPD, LSO, 911, The hospitals and the Radio shop.



Motion to adjourn at by 2105.

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Lincoln/Lancaster County Mutual Aid