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JANUARY 19 ,2004

Meeting called to order by President Densberger at 2000

Roll call answered by Bennet, Ceresco, Cortland, Crete, Eagle, Firth, Hallam, Lincoln, Malcolm, Pleasant Dale, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Waverly, Valparaiso, NE Forest Service, Health Dept, Emergency Management, Starcare and 911

Minutes from the last meeting at the EOC/911 Center read and approved.

Treasurers report read. Motion to be approved as read by Southwest second by Waverly .

Dave West has made the cover letters for the 10 % match for the radio grant and mailed them out to all departments involved.

Doug has applied to receive MSA filter masks from federal surplus. These are Comfort 2, 1/2 respirators with HEPA filters. He will be getting 30 for each department in the association. The SCAN board for the state radio system will be holding a meeting in the Lincoln City Council/Lancaster County Board chambers on 1/20/04 at 1900. The State wanted to retain $15,000,000.00 out of the 2004 ODP money to build radio towers for the state radio system. Both Lancaster and Douglas Counties have told the State they don't want their 2004 money going for this.

Ron Erickson from the Health Department introduced Jaosn Wagner from the Health department. Jason is working on a list of abandoned farms in the county. The Health Department will be attempting to clean these up.

Eric Rasmussen reported that LB917 is legislation to make The NE Forest Service an entity within the University. Eric also reports that Larry Wiles has been diagnosed with Liver Cancer and has chosen not treat it. Lets all wish Larry and his family the best. Larry has been very active in the Fire service in Nebraska over the years. Many departments are using the resource directories that Larry compiled. Cost share Volunteer Fire Assistance aps are due 4/1/04. Fire School preregistration starts 3/15/04 and closes 4/30/04. make sure to include 2nd and 3rd choices for classes.

Dave West says nothing new with the grant money yet. Julie Righter reports that 911 and the radio shop have met with Beatrice and Saunders county on interface. She said they will be attending the Saunders County Mutual Aid meeting in Malmo. Greg from the radio shop reports they have received a Futurecom repeater that they are testing. They have also been around the county with a handheld testing coverage. They have the paging plan mostly completed and are working on the 800 system now. They plan to put the repeater and some handhelds in a vehicle to bring to mutual aid meetings so we can use them


CALLS YEAR END CALLS Motion to adjourn at by 2101.


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