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MARCH 13 2004

Meeting called to order at 2000 by President Densberger.

Roll call answered by Alvo, Bennet, Ceresco, Crete, Eagle, Firth, Hickman, Lincoln, Malcolm, Pleasant Dale, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Valparaiso, Health Department, 911, Starcare, NE Forest Service and Emergency Management. Todd Gilkeson the new Assistant Director of EMS INC. also attended the meeting. Treasurers report was presented along with the bill for repair on the site at 84th and South St. Southeast and Pleasant Dale made a motion and seconded it to pay the bill and Hickman and Southeast made a motion to accept treasurers report.

Doug says the filters for the MSA comfort 2 respirators we received are ordered.

Lincoln is changing the days for the Mutual Aid training for this year to make it easier for more of us to attend. The training sessions will be held on Saturdays. Tentative classes will be ICS, EMS and HAZMAT. They will be sending out a flier. Dan Wright would also like to remind those with transport units that if you are supposed to be driving Code Three enroute to the hospital please use both lights and sirens. It puts everyone at a liability if you are involved in an accident driving with just your warning lights on. Doug passed around a request form for AED's that was given to him by Dan Hues from the Health Department. Dan is looking at using some of the MMRS money to provide these. Doug is looking for departments to house 2 triage trailers. One south and One north. These are smaller versions of the trailer housed at LFR station 11. The Health Department also reports they have received their field substance testing equipment. Jim Densberger reported that MMRS funds purchased tyvek suits and airmates for the mutual aid departments having transport ambulances. Eric Rasmussen reports that 3/15 will be the first day for Fire School preregistration. He also reported that cost share money is again available. He says they will be filling Larry Wiles position.

May 10th through the 16th will be Wildland fire awareness week. Eric says to look carefully at any burn permit requests for CRP land. The CO2 detectors from the 2002 ODP money are in and Jim Densberger has them.

Cathy Smith from purchasing reviewed the bid request and 11 pages have been added. Don't forget to send your 10% match to Southwest Fire if you haven't done so. There was a meeting with Norris Public Power about getting on their tower 1 1/2 miles west of Hallam. Also a formal request has been made to Nextel regarding their tower in the Northwest part of Lancaster county. Ray Ryan from the radio shop brought maps to show coverage from the 2 existing towers. We have been granted 5 800 frequencies by the state. The bids will be back and read at the April mutual meeting. Please attend if at all possible.


CALLS Meeting adjourned at 2041

****4/11/04-4/17/04 is National Telecommunications week. Stop by 911 and thank the Dispatchers for the job they do for us. Donation of cookies and ice cream always excepted !****

*****NEXT MEETING 4/19/04 AT LFR STATION 14*****

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