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NOVEMBER 15, 2004

Meeting called to order at 2000 by President Densberger

Roll call answered by Crete, Firth, Lincoln, Malcolm, Pleasantdale, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Waverly, Valparaiso, Health Department, 911, NE Forest Service, Emergency Management Minutes from the meeting at the LFR station 14 read and approved. Treasurer's report presented and approved by motion from Southwest 2nd by Raymond.

Need to get the Mutual aid billing agreement forms back to Jim, Lynn, myself or Doug Ahlberg ASAP. If you don't have them back before our next meeting please bring them with you. Only have 8 or 9 so far. I am enclosing another billing agreement form in all of the Chiefs newsletters as well as 2005 dues.

Dan Wright proposed having a Mutual Aid mini fire school rather than the quarterly classes by LFR this year. A motion was made by Crete and seconded by Southwest for the association to sponsor this. It was approved unanimously. A committee was formed. The committee will consist of Dan Wright, Steve Phillips, Dan Huse, Julie Righter and Phil Nalley. Brian Johnson from Waverly would like us to make a formal thank you to the Radio committee, Dave West the Southwest Rural Fire Board and Doug Ahlberg for all the work put in. Dave West says we have the final bill from Radio Maintenance and that the tower top amps are in. It is about $900.00 more than is left in the grant. A motion was made to use funds from our savings certificate for communications for this. Motion was made by Southeast and seconded by Waverly. Motion carried unanimously. A motion was also made by Southeast to raise the Association dues from $30.00 to $50.00 per department. Motion carried unanimously. A last motion was made by Malcolm to buy holiday treats for 911. Also carried unanimously. Eric Rasmussen gave us an update on the NSVFA convention. Jim Densberger asked who had received remote door openers for the Bryan/LGH West ER garage doors. So far only Southwest and Crete have them. Dan Wright says that LFR Assistant Chief Furasek has a contact person to get them if you need them,

Dave West needs to get the serial #'s from each base radio . Either contact him by phone or fax at 421-8814. Doug Ostergaard from D & D would like us to wait awhile before ordering any items for the radio system to by paid out of department funds. They want to make sure they have all the grant purchases taken care of. The ambulances mobiles should be in by the time you read this and all work on the towers is done. 911 would like to remind all departments that after dispatch please try to move to either North Tac or South Tac. Departments are staying on North or South when there are multiple calls and it is tying up the frequencies. A motion was made to give ownership of the 84th/South tower equipment belonging to mutual aid to Cortland. They can use the equipment and the Association isn't going to maintain it any longer as it has no use for the new 800 system. Doug Ostergaard wanted to lets us know they gave us the wrong info on the paging encoders activation number. South group is 590 instead of 509 and North group is 690 instead of 609

All officers were retained in their positions by unanimous vote


CALLS Motion to adjourn at 2130


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