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FEBRUARY 21, 2005

Meeting called to order at 2000 by Vice President Reifschneider

Roll call answered by Bennet, Crete, Eagle, Firth, Lincoln, Malcolm. Palmyra, Pleasantdale, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Valparaiso, Waverly, Health Department, 911, NE Forest Service, Emergency Management and Starcare.

Minutes from the meeting at Southeast fire Pinelake station read and approved.

Treasurer's report presented and approved motion by Pleasantdale 2nd by Raymond.

OLD BUSINESS The mini fire school flyers have been sent out. It will be held on March 26th 0800to 1600 at the SCC Fire Protection Technology building. Registration is $5.00. The classes are as follows Incident Command with simulation 6 hour class limited to 40 people. Propane, will require full gear and SCBA 6 hours limited to 25 people. EMT Basic lecture and skills lab 3 hours no limit on attendance and taking care of your own 3 hours no limit on attendance. The 3 hour classes will be presented twice. A motion was made to take expenses out of the association account by Waverly second by Firth and was passed unanimously. We would like any auxiliary personnel to help serve coffee and lunch. Let Dan Jim or Phil know if available. Southeast and Southwest will be providing pumpers.You will also be able to register the day of the school as well as preregistering. It would be wise to preregister if you want to take the limited attendance classes.

Report to me if you are receiving the newsletter by email from me and no longer wish a hard copy or if you want to receive your newsletter this way in the future. Jim says for the Lancaster county grant money there needs to be signatures from each board. All must participate or no money. Looking at a grant of around $54,000. Some of the things that are being considered are completing previous projects, A new tower North, SCBA equipment and a HAZMAT vehicle. HAZMAT 14 is allowed to leave the city. The will respond to provide resources. The health department HAZMAT team can also help. When operating the new radios make sure you key up then wait a second for the repeater to come on before speaking. Try to remember we need to move to the TAC channel after clearing. The morse code you are hearing is a station identifier instead of dispatch using call letters. Palmyra only has 39.98 and couldn't raise dispatch or the hospitals on a transport call. The radio shop is working with the hospitals on being able to hear outside agencies that still use low band. Palmyra also needs a garage door opener for Bryan West. Jim is looking at getting several for departments. Preregistration for State Fire school starts March 15th. A list of classes are on the NSVFA website as are registration forms. Eric also says the Midwinter conference went well. Cost share applications are out and need to be returned by April 1st. Eric will start using email to send out information on legislative bills Thanks to everyone who participated in the search for the missing woman and children eventually located in Otoe county. We will discuss operation of the new radio system at the next meeting the Radio shop will be present to help.


Fire Chief Seminars:


Aquila had representatives attend the meeting who made a short presentation after it was over.

Motion to adjourn at 2108


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