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MAY 16, 2005

Meeting called to order at 2005 by President Densberger

Roll call answered by Crete, Firth, Lincoln, Malcolm. Pleasantdale, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Valparaiso, Health Department, 911, Saunders County 911 and Emergency Management

Minutes from the meeting at LFR Station 14 read and approved.

No treasurers report due to the Treasurer not able to attend.

The suggestions for classes for the 2006 Mini Fire School so far are Rescue and Extrication. Looking at the 1st or 2nd weekend in April to avoid Easter weekend. Phil Nalley from Southwest will chair the committee. Committee members will be Doug Ahlberg, Ron Erickson, Dan Wright Gregg Hall the Mutual aid Officers and Dan Hughes if needed.

Emergency Management has two passport air sniffers that need repair that are free for the taking for anyone interested. Dan Hughes from the Health department has A PPG bag for each department with Tyvex suits. Verify with the HAZMAT team leader if they are correct for the situation. Jill Baker the AED coordinator with the health department is trying to build a non Lancaster county AED database. They are asking agencies to voluntarily register. The Lancaster county database will have all AEDS reported on units as well as in businesses. This may become part of future dispatch information. The dispatchers now have the capability of coaching someone through using their AED. Jim thinks we should look at doing another Homeland defense grant. For 2004 the money purchase 9 mobile repeaters and the 2005 money will go for battery chargers, handhelds and mobiles. The money can only be spent on departments in Lancaster county. Doug Handed out a copy of the grants. He thinks there may not be any 2006 money. All orders for 2004 and 2005 grant money will go through Doug Ahlberg to account for the grant money. We may just buy as much as we can then issue out to each department.

Doug Ahlberg would like to get together with all the chiefs to discuss items to be purchased. Firth made a motion to spend the 2005 grant money on the categories as listed. 2nd by Raymond. Was approved unanimously. The equipment will be divided between the Lancaster county departments. Doug also brought up the National Incident Management system. By Federal law everyone must be compliant in the next 2 years. There will be classes given as well as being able to take the class online on the FEMA website. The Northtac and Southtac are now both being recorded. We have been asked to move off of the Norris (NPPD) tower as it is overloaded. Southtac will be moved from the Hallam tower to Jensen park. Need to work on another location for Southalt.


CALLS Motion to adjourn at 2149


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